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    I wish i didn't have to relapse yesterday night. But boy, the urges were killing me i tried so hard but after 40 days i relapsed, not my first time i relapsed another time (30 days) i also relapsed. I have expiried some benfits like being happy and having free time, energy. I hope i will make it to day 90 this time without a relapse. Please share me some tips or positive reactions to make me happy cuz im sad i messwd that streak, and the thing is its not worth relapsing. The feeling is not the same of cumming in my other times, if you about to relapse to dont do it! You will regret it
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    I fell today as well the key is to dust yourself and start again. What I and others like us should do is to simply not search for images and direct focus else where and simply not touch ourselves.
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