Relapsed after 1 year, now I Can't Stop

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Furozima10, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. Furozima10

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    I relasped after 1 Year of NoFap, and now I can't stop myself from PMO'ing again and Again.
    The addiction is Back

    How can i Stop my self from Watching Porn and Masturbating again?

    Feels like the addiction got back !
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  2. Husto

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    Hi Furizima10. A quote you will find in a lot of places in this forum says: once an addict always an addict! This is sadly the hard truth.

    I'm recommending getting back in the NOFAP mindset, that you want to quit. Then be hard on yourself, get your emergency system back up, no peeking at P/psubs etc. and get some avoidance mechanisms in place, like going for a walk, exercising etc. if you feel some urges. This should buy you a couple of days and then you might be back and running. But the first couple of days will not be easy but it will be worth it!
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  3. jw2021

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    These are things that have helped me,

    1. I made a firm decision to quit
    2. I joined this forum
    3. I wrote out on a piece of paper what I want in my life and exactly how I want to live. I read these statements daily.
    4. I come on this forum often (about 2 times a day) and I read and post to others
    5. I joined one of the groups in the "accountability partners" section.
    6 I joined in one of the challenges under the "Events and Challenges" section.
    7 I have specific members who inspire me that I follow their journals on a daily basis
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  4. jay985

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    very useful thanks for shaing!
  5. jay985

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    I'll share some tips:

    1. Guarded well your mental deeds and constantly kept yourself pure and uncontaminated. That means stay away from the internet or at least useless, dirty, information and webpages.

    2. Do not follow your thoughts once you have sexual fantasy. Stop right there. Start thinking something positive. Chanting "Jesus" or "Amituofo" out loud for 5 minutes. Then the urge or "fantasy" will be gone.

    3. Your thoughts, mental deeds are the main culprits. Just protect them from contaminant. You'll be fine.
  6. Hammond Egger

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  7. Simon__45

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    I highly advise you to read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

    You can break a bad habit, but you're unlikely to forget it.Once the mental grooves of a habit have been carved into your brain, they are nearly impossible to remove entirely-even if they go unused for quite a while. And that means that simply resisting temptation is an ineffective strategy. It's hard to maintain a Zen attitude in a life filled with interruptions. It takes too much energy. In the short run, you can choose to overpower temptation.
    In the long run, we become a product of the environment we live in.

    A more reliable approach is to cut bad habits off at their source. One of the most practical ways to remove a bad habit is to reduce exposure to the cue that causes it.
    Remove a single cue and the entire habit often fades away. -
    James Clear
  8. Rafafa

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    You need to feed your soul, spirit and body with something that gives more pleasure than this.


    Help people, work hard, go to a gym, talk with your family and confess your sin to another people that will pray to you.

    If you confess to God you will receive hes forgiven.
    If you confess to mans you will be cured.
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