Relapsed after 2 months PMO ;( trigger!!

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by G1993, Apr 9, 2021.

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    Hey guys

    As per title, unfortunately I have relapsed to PMO an hour ago. I am disappointed for having come so far and then to give into my urges. I would like to share my tiggers to make sure you do not make the same mistake.

    The first major mistake I made was convincing myself that masturbation without orgasm was a natural and acceptable thing to do. The reason being for watching at YouTube video on Taoism where the guy is advertising masturbation without orgasm for a healthier penile health. For the first 2 times I masturbated, I did not use porn and actually managed to end both session without orgasm.

    The second trigger is the one that put me over the edge. I was watching a movie called the hostel ( if you know you know), there was this one particular scene where a girl is riding this guy all nude. I quickly changed the scene, but that image stayed in my head, which inevitably led me to accessing porn and masturbating.

    Having learned about my trigger patterns, I am planning to go full monk mode for the foreseeable future and hope to continue experiencing the benefits that I have been for the last couple of months. Wish me luck!!!
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  2. Just keep on going! I relapsed this week after getting to the 50 day mark. Playing around also cost me, I had searched for triggering content a few times and eventually it sent me over the edge. I find that taking a peak or edging is always the beginning of the end because your brain holds on to what it saw (or felt) and wants more. No choice but to do hard mode perfectly, or do monk mode. All I wish is that you hold on to dignity!
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    Thanks man
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    I’m doing hardmode as well, 3 weeks ago I saw just some hot girls on my Instagram and looked away immediately, but off course I remember what I saw that little second. Is this also a relapse? I started my journey again and deleted my Instagram.
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  5. G1993

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    Don’t think so mate, since you looked away immediately. All the best
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    Here the same! I live as a monk as well. Ignore any se.ual stuff on TV, around you, on your phone, computer etc..
    Because one wrong image/sound, gets stuck in your head and could make you fall back.

    Succes bro
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    Don't worry you have completed your 7 days get up complete your journey, This poor habit is stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Throw it away. You are more powerful than those websites. I myself relapsed after my 36 days longest streak ever and understand how you are feeling now as I am feeling the same. But one day we all will show this habit its status.
    Best of luck

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