Relapsed after 25 days

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ProphetOfDoom, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. ProphetOfDoom

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    Well, I'm surprised I even passed over one week. I failed miserably today and I'm disappointed. Couldn't resist the urges and endure the temptation. I can entirely explain my failure to the lack of cold showers recently. I catched a cold a few days back and temporarily threw away the cold shower out of my daily routine. My assumption is that the daily cold showers kept me going for so long.
    Now, my plan is the following:
    1.) Install porn blockers on my PC. May I ask for suggestions? I've tried some before and they disable access even to social networks and some websites, for example Youtube. All I need is restriction to nude and/or sexual content/websites.
    2.) Fulfilling my timetable with more activities, hobbies and anything for keeping me busy and occupied. Push-ups, physical exercises, running two or three times per week; reading books and sparing more time for studying; hanging out with friends.
    3.) Developing a healthier eating and sleeping regime.
    4.) Aiming, focusing and entirely dedicating myself to start working for my dreams and goals to become alive.
    Any feedback and advices are welcomed.
  2. Andrew0268

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    All good ideas. May i add time with friends and family. Social interactiom does wonders.

    Also reading and improving your mind and emotions as well as your body
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  3. Dailydoer

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    I'm such amazed to see you even made it 25 days. My maximum streak every is 12 days. I just can't go past that. But I try every time. Good luck to you tho.
  4. Shai_Halud

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    25 days is a great streak! Think of this: make it back to 25 days and you'll have PMO session over a 50 day period.

    This is critical: recovery is not mindlessly watching the counter rise until it hits 90 days. It is action. You must focus your thoughts on who you want to be, not what you want to avoid. Spend all of your time focusing on the positive future and there will be no time left over for the negative past.
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  5. Chef Boy

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    Fitting new activities into your daily routine is a good one; it removes familiarity and the routine in which PMO was so embedded in. I'm reading a lot more, self-help stuff and autobiographies - such things definitely help with focus.
  6. LionDick

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    I know how you feel man! I've relapsed after my best streak ever last month as well (26 days) and ever since then I couldn't get past 5 days! I'm there now and more motivated than ever since there is a girl at work that I really like so don't give up! 25 days is amazing, you can do it again, just take each day at a time!

    Yours truly,
    LionDick :eek:
  7. PrevCDM

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    Dissect what made you fall. Identify the exact trigger and do everything you can to eliminate it from your life. It's about pulling a learning lesson from the fall, and then going through the action of going through the first two weeks again.

    It's not about setting yourself to be okay to relapse again... fuck that. This time, fully commit, 100%. Bounce back hard. I just did, and I feel like a champ.

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