Relapsed after 41 days- What I Learned

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HMJ33, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. HMJ33

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    Hey guys,
    So today I relapsed after 41 days of nofap hard mode. It all started when I didn't sleep well and woke up early. I made the decision not to be productive and instead picked up the Netflix series, The League (which I do NOT recommend to any nofap users). After several episodes, the urges were too strong and I edged once or twice, and then I O'ed.

    What I learned:

    -You can NOT be successful with nofap until you completelyget rid of all your triggers. For me it was social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) and I deleted all the apps on my phone,but eventually found myself still using facebook through safari. Also, if you are truly serious about quitting PMO, NETFLIX MUST GO! No matter how hard you try to control yourself there are always going to be triggers.

    -M/edging at all makes the following days extremely difficult to avoid PMO and can lead to brain fog and other temporarily negative effects.

    -Lastly, embrace your wet dreams! I had 3 in my 41 days and I looked at them as a positive sign of true recovery.

    I am extremely proud of my 41 day streak but I hate to see it go. Hopefully I will learn from my mistakes and produce an even longer streak.
  2. cutroot

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    I'm also trying to block off triggers this time.. I even finally gave in and installed an adult filter on my phone and gave the password to a friend. Otherwise it's like trying to quit smoking while carrying a pack in your pocket.

    Keep at it, don't let this discourage you. Learn, change, move forward. :) Best wishes.
  3. HMJ33

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    Hey man thanks for the advice-
    What adult filter did you use for your phone? I have an iphone and would love a filter...
  4. diesel2256

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    I don't have netflix, but I was a pretty heavy consumer of TV (streaming mostly). Naturally, my favorite shows were on HBO and comparable networks. As a general rule, I think staying away from TV as much as possible is a good idea. Why? I think it has a lot in common with porn, mainly that you're living in a fantasy world while watching.

    On the NoFap path, at least for me, eliminating mindless TV shows is a must.
  5. Faptacular

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    Well done to you on the 41 day mark. Edging has also been my downfall
  6. Hey @HMJ33.

    I lost my streak (50 days) about week ago. And as you said, it was because of triggers, that after 11 PM are everywhere. Look at circumstances when where you relapsing. For me (like for 3-4 streaks) is going to sleep lately. I was lazly browsing net and looking at some stuff (news etc.). It's a trap. I'm trying now to go to sleep at 11 PM and no later.

    Try to reduce your goal to 7 days. By little success to reboot.
    We're all at the same boat. Feel free to PM me.

  7. Mr.Z

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    If you exhaust yourself before going to bed you'll have less chance to give in to temptations. For me, lying on the bed watching tv late at night is always dangerous. So I do something to "clear my mind" like reading books and doing light exercises to prepare myself to sleep.
  8. Vision

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    Thank you, guys, I completely agree with you. I try to get up early as Benjamin Franklin recommended but as I am on a flexible work schedule I often loose my good wake-sleep habit and that is dangerous. Mostly, it's because I watch a movie. Maybe a counter for not going late to bed would be helpful. Just being awake late at night is already in the yellow zone for some of us.
  9. shazbgd

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    Well done for 41 days. Edging is the root of all evil pmo.
  10. Panda.RN

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    I have a daily alarm set at 10 pm that reminds me not to stay up late. It's a daily reminder of what my goals are with this change in lifestyle.
  11. PrivateSDGuy

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    I know it's not new advice, but I just want to point out that you should replace whatever you're cutting out with something healthier. If you're cutting out Netflix and social media, maybe pick up reading. Or maybe pick up something more social if you're worried about being too isolated.

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