Relapsed after 65 days ..

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    I don't like how I feel now, but I have a great appreciation of how I felt and how life felt during these 65 days of no porn watching.. although I am mad at myself but I want to use the feelings of strength and focus that I felt during these past 65 days as a motivation to quit porn once and for all. Religion has helped me during the no porn but I am hoping for more support from any readers. I honestly have never been on a blog and I will be taking this as the most important task in my life currently. I look back at these last 65 days and I miss how felt, similar to how I miss backpacking through Europe this past summer.

    to start, I am not sure If I should go back to the gym to use that as a channel to help myself with this problem and get my mind off of it. send good and positive energy thoughts to your new friend here :):(:mad::mad::(
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  2. dont give up, keep going.
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    65 days is good man! You slipped, don't stay down! Get back up and move forward! The gym is good, but i would stay off pre workout. My first 6 months, i quit caffeine-it really helps.

    Try your best to replace your thoughts and habits. Time to create new ones to avoid falling into traps! Also, have you considered a support system? By that i mean telling people you trust about your issue? For me, it helped.

    Anyways, don't be discouraged! Keep going!
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