Relapsed after 78 DAYS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Freebliss, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    We'll I slipped up after my longest streak. Felt pretty down about it most of the day and I think I've refocused to continue my progress.

    I didn't watch full blown porn but I did mo to softer porn.

    Why? Besides I'm a dumbass I can tell you why.

    1. Wet dream on nov 20th
    2. Peaking at soft core images
    3. Going to hooters
    4. Most killer drunk one 2 many beers at hooters and had a massive headache puked and felt like shit afterwards.

    1-3 I could have made it through but #4 gets me every time. I can have 1 maybe 2 drinks with a meal but if I drink too much my body can't handle it.

    My plan is to continue my good progress I mean 78 days is awesome my last highest streak was 44. I'm gonna shoot for another 60 days to complete my original goal of 120 days.

    Just want to motivate people to continue there progress even when they slip and to recognize what led to it and to work on preventing it.

    So for me I can't drink.
  2. lifeistooshort

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    glad you realized your trigger now, but no matter what, if you don't shoot down that trigger, you'll lose... but I believe that you wont lose, because you recognize the trigger, and I believe you'll defeat it!! keep going now!
  3. Freebliss

    Freebliss Fapstronaut

    Yea I knew that trigger already sadly. I wanted to put it in "writing" so hopefully it will ingrain better in my mind and also help others. I kinda use this forum as a journal.

    Side note: I don't get how people can drink alcohol it makes me sick as hell the only remedy is marijuana which I don't want to smoke.

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