Relapsed after a 5 year streak

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Vince T, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Years ago I joined a real life support group that follows a 12 step model. Using this program, I went 5 solid years with no pornography or masturbation. It was wonderful, and filled me with inner peace.

    Unfortunately, my work necessitated me relocating to a city where there is no support group in my vicinity. I lasted for nearly another 6 months without any problems, but then I relapsed.

    Since I can't return to a real life group, I am hoping that this online community will fill a similar role in my life.

    Also, I am a person of deep faith, and am Catholic. I hope to make many friends in this wonderful community.
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    You have so much knowledge and time off of this stuff. Start a group. Go to the church leaders and ask for a room. You can help a lot of people. Catholics,Mormons, Baptists, everyone suffers in shame hiding and hoping the truth is kept from the light of freedom. Get to it man!
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  3. I sorry to hear this, but welcome! There are tons of resources and it's helped me immensely. BTW I'm Catholic too...
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    Estas en el lugar adecuado.
    A levantarse.
    En este hilo escribe todo como lo contabas en tu grupo de la vida real, recibirás retroalimentacion, y apoyo emocional. No descuides tu relacion con tu comunidad de fe y con Dios y recuperaras la vida limpia y un corazón limpio.
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  5. Hi. Welcome to forum!
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