Relapsed after almost 3 years

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by modern milarepa, May 16, 2021.

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    Current streak: 380 days no PMO, semen retention

    More than a decade ago I almost did 3 years streak of no PMO, semen retention and no sex. When I started the streak I was obsessed into getting in medical school and learning to play the violin. That was my only focus I was distracted by nothing I remember one time I broke my foot while jumping on wet floor my reaction was to continue playing the violin. My mother forced me to go to the doctor where everything was taking care of. And after that I didn't even think about it, I kept playing violin and going to pre med school classes. I was kobe Bryant commited.

    Because of my commitment I got accepted into medical school pretty fast, the classes where easy and I stop playing the violin, the streak was there and I never thought of it, It was in my system sort to speak. One day I used the computer and watched porn and relapsed just out of curiosity and feeling pleasure.

    At some point when life became easier I simply lost focus, awareness of what I was doing. You need to be aware to be alive, even stepping down the bed you can break a leg if you are not aware.

    Conclusion: I learned in my 3 years streak that you need to be aware of everything you do, It doesn't matter if life is hard or easy.
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    Wow 3years ! you're a God man

    Can you tell us how you felt after the 3 years streak?

    What was the improvements? and changes with no PMO
  3. modern milarepa

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    More than the nofap I think it was my mindset I was only focus on a goal. The problem came when I reached the goal, the streak was just something I took for granted.

    I could not tell you the benefits or how I felt I simply was a goal oriented machine and machines don't think or feel.
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  4. modern milarepa

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    @alexandrebois the only thing I learned of the streak is always be aware, life is an unpredictable battle and you need to have your eyes open all the time.
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  5. alexandrebois

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    "It is as times of peace that we're the most vulnerable and need to be the most aware !"

    I already know that.

    For me i'm PM free for almost 1year now.
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    Good quote
  7. modern milarepa

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    That's good my friend
  8. Very good. Awareness!
    Regular fasting...meditation...focus on a thing at a time...also: semen retention!
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    totally agree but to put it into simpler words is that you got to have the Intention of doing that thing on purpose then the rewards are greater.
  10. brassknucks

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  11. Wow man. The next longer streak will be easy for you.
    Sorry to hear you relapsed.
  12. modern milarepa

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    My man @Munchausen this relapse happened almost a decade ago it was the first thing I wrote on the thread.

    My current streak It's going great
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    Wow! I guess you earned a lot of time that you could use to masturbate, but you used it to do something useful!
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  14. My bad then. :}
  15. My bad : }
    *Smiles in pain*
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    3 years wow that’s amazing, I am struggling to get to two weeks
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    3 years streak. Sounds like you were never really addicted to PMO, Considering your long streaks and current one. It's More like having that first cigarette and deciding, that's it I'm not going to do it again.
  18. a_man_following_the_way

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  19. LSTHX

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    Congratulations on bouncing back after a very long journey, @modern milarepa !

    I went on a similar journey of 1070 days (no PMO, semen retention and no sex, as you did) but I haven't bounced back since my relapse.... I was an addict for 12 years, and I've been attempting recovery for 5 years.

    It's as you said... You need to be aware of everything you do, no matter the day or how easy or hard it is. In it for the long haul!

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