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    After a 27 day streak(first streak ever)I relapsed again to shemale porn...
    On the day I found out I was turned on by Shemales and could barely achieve an erection for real females, was the day I went on my first streak before acting out on my urges. Unfortunately for me during these 27 days I spent most of my time in front of my PC, and somehow managed to completely abstain from PMO.
    Yesterday, almost exaclty 24 hours from now, I broke my streak because I've had shemale fantasies over the last 4-5 days and I couldn't hold it any longer...Today I acted out on them again. A mere day later. I did not binge. The first time I went in for 10 minutes and today I went in for maybe 15-20 at most.

    How bad is my situation? were my 27 days for nothing? How far back am I?
    I feel like shit. After my first time it all felt weird and wrong and I thought it was nothing, I was so positive that I wouldn't let that one time ruin it for me...but the second hit me pretty hard. Hundred times harder than the first...
  2. You have to start over. The goal is to eventually get those images out of your head. It takes time. You have to make a concerted effort to not dwell on those thoughts or fantasize. You can do this. After a couple if months those images will fade and you will gradually get back to your old self.
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    How bad is your situation? It's not ideal, but it's not as bad as you might think.

    Your rewiring process will require some patience. This is a fetish that developed over time, and it will be eliminated in time. It's something you've become conditioned to. Your goal is to eliminate this conditioned response and desire to that specific genre. (And any porn for that matter).

    Get up, dust yourself off, and continue on with another good streak. A lapse between streaks doesn't undo all the good progress you've made. It might set you back a couple of days physically and mentally, but after that, progress will resume.

    You know what the most amazing thing is? If you can go several months without PMO (you might MO a few times, but that's much better than PMO because it doesn't include the artificial stimulus of P, doesn't entail the association with P and O etc.) - If you can go several months with decent streaks, you're brain will be largely healed.

    And your mind will be at peace.

    If you need an accountability partner, I would be more than happy to help you out.

    You can do this!
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    How the fuck could you relapse AGAIN if it was your “first streak ever” ?
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    No puedes mirar esa clace de porno men no es normal ni bueno. Pedile ayuda a Dios .
  6. It was not for nothing, 27 days is great. The key is not to dwelp on the relapses, but learn everything from it (that lead to it), in order to avoid such mistakes in a next time. I believe we have to approach this addiction on all life areas, mentally, physically, spirituality. Right mindset, working of life goals, remembering everything that's learned.. just use everything to your advantage and make best of everything as we can.

    Huge thing for me was shifting to a vegan diet as well, this has really been a blessing for me health as well. All the best
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    I should have phrased the first sentence better, but you should have read the rest of the thread before commenting.
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