Relapsed again

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ravefist, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Ravefist

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    I always feel great on day 4 or 5, thinking im never gonna relapse. And then it happens and im back to square 1.
  2. ThomasTheCat

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    You have to try really hard. Ask yourself "Do I really want to stop PMO? Or I want to spend the rest of my life jerking off to pixels?" In the of the day the choice is entire yours.
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  3. Ronaldo Machuca

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    Reset your timer bro. And let's start off by saying what happens on those days that leads you to PMO?
  4. Hello
    First think about your habits. Is there situations where you know you are going to go on pornsite and fapp?
  5. gingeralan

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    Take a breath, is this a relapse (returning to negative pattern) or is it just a reset (gave in once and realised)

    don’t beat your self up over either, but if it’s a reset then these things happen, and the fact you’ve noticed is excellent! It means you are on your way to sorting yourself.

    If you’ve relapsed and gone back into repeated PMO then hey, learn the triggers and see if you can figure a more healthy way of dealing with those thoughts.

    Be kind to yourself and don’t get too downhearted
  6. Start again, but ask yourself some important questions.
    • What circumstances are you in that usually cause you to relapse.
    • After you relapse, how do you feel about what you did? Are the hours you invest into porn doing anything good for you?
    • How can you replace empty time you may use on porn use for something productive.
    Also, creating a relapse report can help you identify the small actions that lead to you watching porn, so in the future you can have a better chance at abstaining longer. E.g: What time and places you are vulnerable, situations or emotions that make you susceptible.

    If you ever get an urge, read about how you felt the last time you did it.

    1 thing I try to remember is that no matter how much porn you watch, you will never find a better video. It is all the same negativity.
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