Relapsed but didn't binge. This is how I did it.

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Do you binge after you relapse?

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  1. Stevie W

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    Yesterday I convinced myself that I had to watch a sextape for research a sex tape. So I fucking did. Luckily, I resisted the urge to M and O because my friends walked into my house just as I was about to pull down my pants. This fucking scared me. I have almost become like an alcoholic. After hanging out with my friends I went to bed.

    The next morning when I woke up I was confused. First, I wondered if I relapsed and second I wondered if I should feel guilty. After discussions on the Forums I was reminded that my goal was not to abstain from just M and O but PMO altogether. However, I have to say I do not feel nearly as bad as when I use PMO but I understand that I still need to reset my day counter.

    Then I realized that I felt incredible bluebells. (I had never watched P and not M or Oed). So I hunkered down for a day of hell.

    This is how I resisted the urge to binge after watching P.

    1. Started my day by reading success stories.
    2. Mid-day began to experience mild urges so I wrote in sharpie on my right hand "I am not destroying my future today"
    3. The late afternoon brought on intense urges that nearly crippled me (At one point my brain convinced me that I Oed without P or M wtf!) so I immediately stripped my clothes, ran under my shower head, and threatened to turn the cold water on. After about a minute they vanished (If they do not for you after a minute fucking turn your shower on full blast).
    4. Nighttime urges almost had me typing in P on my phone and saying screw it before I hit the NoFap emergency button for at least 15 minutes before the urges disappeared.
    5. Now I am at peace and feel no urges and am happy I did not completely relapse.

    I hope this helped those of you like me who need a little more guidance than just a "get through this champ".

    To all my brothers,



    Even though I relapsed with P music is starting to sound better.
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