relapsed... on 28 days. do i lose all benefits. man i feel so guilty

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by thankyougodforeverything, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. ElSabio

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    You made it 28 days and lots of guys can't make 5. You showed yourself you can go that long. How could you lose that benefit? If you can do 28 you can do 29. Pick yourself up and start again. Don't be a wuss. Keep going til you make it.
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  2. Pathofsuccess_1

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    It’s pure pain. Losing a streak, but just learn the lesson and get right back up. Don’t binge. Be on your way and don’t let pmo stop you from living your best life. Good luck !
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  3. Abel100%

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    Es cierto, esos beneficio de 28 días no se van así no mas... Hay que seguir adelante
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  4. Meshuga

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    Nah man, you didn't lose a thing, especially of you don't freak out, get despondent and binge.

    Quitting porn is hard. Resets are to be expected. It's a learning process, it's a rewiring process, and it's a long process.

    Remember to stay busy and keep something ready to think about instead of fantasizing. You'll make it back to 28 and beyond.
  5. Revanthegrey

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    Nope you didn't lose it, sadly no many people know this .
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  6. Don’t feel guilty man. 28 days be proud of that. It’s not about being perfect it’s about being better.
  7. josedelamuerte

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    It's only natural to feel disappointed. I also just dropped from 24 back to 0. But it's important to keep an eye on the big picture. You just went a month without. We're developing a skill of impulse-control, and you got some really good practice in, which will serve you in the future.

    The important thing is to see what caused your relapse this time, and to decide what you'll do differently should you find yourself in that situation again.
    So what did trigger your relapse?
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  8. FarBeyondDriven

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    This is probably unpopular opinion but i would say you actually lose everything or the better part of a progress. I always lose almost everything with single pmo session. You may think you don't lose it but being on pure nofap streak is totally different state then after fap but after fap you dont remember that good nofap state.

    Truth is youre back to square one. youre fucking destroyed completely. It depends on you what you gonna do with it. You can lie there and cry or stand up and start over. You most likely will fail again if you dont have proper mindset. But you stand up again and try over and over.
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  9. josedelamuerte

    josedelamuerte Fapstronaut

    Unpopular though it may be, I share in your opinion. My only measure of progress with nofap is whether I have PIED or not, and that only starts to lift after a damn-near-perfect 2 month run of what people on here call "hard-mode".
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