Relapsed on 94 Days

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    Hi. I relapsed after 94 days of no pmo. And it is my longest personal streak. Even though I am very grateful that I have come this far, the consequences is real.

    It just took a simple moment of watching Youtube with some softcore scenes and the quick decision to end the streak led me to watching hardcore porn and masturbating. I did it 3 times in a day.

    My previous streak was 78 days and indeed it was not an easy journey.

    I am just going to take this as a hard lesson to be even more mindful with my thoughts and the things I do especially with my phone during the days when I am bored.

    I am 25 turning 26, do not have a girlfriend yet, and of course if I do, will only want to break my virginity during marriage.

    I think it is really up to the goal that you set in the first place, I was in this chatgroup that if I made it to 90 days, I could be promoted to admin.

    Perhaps because there is nothing to look forward to, the strength of commitment to NoFap/no pmo began to decrease.

    Goal setting is necessary. I think now I have come this far to know how to manage for this round.

    I think for now it is more than just breaking my records, I am hoping to stop this addiction for good.

    Looking back, indeed NO PMO change my life. There were so much achievements and focus during this period.

    Looking forward to achieve more this round.
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    Great achievement congrats
    It is indeed the dark side ofgoals that when you meet them you are at risk to fall back. Therefore as soon as you meet one goal maybe have another one.
    It is important to improve ourselves and the world and it is also important to have fun doing it.

    Together we can heal
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    Stay positive by looking at your relapse as one bad day out of 95

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