Relapsed to MO on day 30 - What I did wrong and right

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HacKadi, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. HacKadi

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    Hello guys. I did hard mode for 30 days (and before that fot 15 days) but last night the urges were too strong.

    On the bright side I end up masturbating without P or fantasizing.
    Here are some changes I noticed during my reboot:

    • Rock hard erections (before I didnt noticed how weak they were)
    • And increased interest in real women, I´ve even started be to turned on by real situations
    • The craves to watch porn or read erotica are practically 0 BUT the fantasys and flashbacks resturned a couple of days ago and they were strong.
    • Regain some dick sensibility
    • Much more confidence in my social life, specially with women

    Now the leassons I learned:

    What I did right
    • I tryed to stay away from internet and social media and started to read more books
    • Used Ad-block (many sites have porn related and sexy advertising)
    • Used the Panick Button A LOT
    • Deleted all pictures and videos from my PC an cellphone
    • I got involved in this community
    • I started to write a personal diary
    • Started to aply the way of No More Mr. Nice Guy! It´s changing my life, for example a couple of months ago I would have keeped the Daily Counter as it was and woudn´t say that I have relapsed so I woudn´t have admit it to you.

    Now... What I did wrong

    • A lack of activities and staying too much time at my home on weekends (speacially in my bed) leading to boredom and triggers.
    • I didn't exercise
    • I didn't meditate
    • On last days I allowed myself to fantasize to porn more freely. HIGHLY TRIGGERING

    Today I started over my counter with only one O (last night) without relapsing to PMO (without watching P since 45 days ago), so I´m pretty happy about it. Let´s keep going!

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    SLINGBLADE247 Fapstronaut

    Oh man I feel you on the real women part and right now I can't help but to be attracted to a girl that I work with right now and sometimes the fire that burns in me sometimes feel uncontrollable.
  3. Smartboyj

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    Hey man !!! for someone who has just relapsed your post is soo positive and full of determination ….

    You seem to be learning how to beat this rather than just hoping by abstaining it will go away….

    Best of luck man building up the days
  4. HacKadi

    HacKadi Fapstronaut

    Well if I had MO to P I would be very depressed, I can assure you that. Thanks guys!

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