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  1. CS1

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    Yes I have relapsed after 23 days, the urges was too crazy
    I am sad to my self I am 37 years old and still watching the shit!! Why I can't stop why they living in my brain?
    Hard time I have
  2. mpk

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    Transition time varies from person to person. Please be patient and you'll get rid of it. Set the end of 2018 as your target to quit the habit, quit the thoughts forever and start working on it. Replace PMO with any other good habit asap. I wish you all the very best and a very happy new year ahead!!
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  3. Don't beat yourself up look to the future instead of the past. "Hey I got a month last time ill get DOUBLE that this time." stay positve, good luck my friend.
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  4. Well congratulations for your 23 days, I'm not there yet ! Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Besides, remember Mao Zedong : "From defeat to defeat, until the ultimate victory !"

    Happy New Year 2018 to you and good luck to you !:)
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  5. Jay.

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    Don't give up man. It's not an easy journey. I have just relasped as well few minutes ago and i lasted 16 days without PMO. I feel stupid right now but i'm not going to give up.
  6. I relapsed yesterday (1/1). I'm back on the horse. If you don't binge, you don't lose everything you've gained.

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