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    After a month I did a blown out total relapse. Cant give you any reasons why it happened but right now am trying to get back on track, I cannot continue doing porn. I'm over 60 my Dad did it all 3 of my brothers have done it including my sister. I am very active doing Christian outreach and staying busy in the Lord. Why can't I kick this. I pray about it maybe not enough
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    Dude, I'm a Christian. Active in ministry, you might say. We are all human. It sounds like this is a pattern in your family, so that could be a factor. I don't know the whys of why we do what we do. I either get really horny or anxious, scared, mad, overwhelmed or whatever....then down the rabbit hole I go. The blessing for us as Christians is that there is grace and mercy. Tomorrow is a new day. We start fresh and try again. I just keep trying. I would say you are doing great by getting to 2 months!
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    We will win this battle against demons! Light is with us!
    • "The Light shine on us all."
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    I'm a Christian in my 40's and I've been fighting this addiction for a little while now and all I can say is that we MUST use the tools available to us to fight with! I compare it exactly to going to war with just your fists versus artillery and the cavalry!

    - Weekly SA meetings - To find one, go to

    - Talk with a CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist)

    - Get an accountability partner

    - Online help (recovery books, workbooks, self-help books, Youtube videos, etc.)

    - Start a journal about your recovery.

    - Put safeguards in place to help you stay sober. (internet firewalls, phone safeguards, etc.) Think of your weaknesses and eliminate them.
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    I recommend using the pluckeye extension to start your streak. It will block all images and videos from the internet for however long you want.

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