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    Im so lonely and unloved, never had a relationship, never felt love - this hits me like a truck.

    Today it was my 8th day on hardmode. I was feeling really good whole morning, then in a train, i heard a girl calling with her boyfriend... And again, same old thoughts that were in my head entire life popped off - I will never felt love, i will never be loved, no girl will ever have intimate relationship with me... I came home trying to resist the pressure. Then I cracked and masturbate.

    I was hoping that this streak will be really long. But how can I handle this. I dont have a single spark of hope thinking that i will ever find love.

    How can i believe i wont be alone forever.
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    You have to believe in yourself man. I struggle with disbelief about many things as well. You also need to really think about your desire to find love. Are you truly ready for it, or is it just something you dream about and subconsciously know isn't realistic? Like are there things you need to take care of first? It is better to take care of your issues alone, than to live with them with someone and then later suffer.
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    Yea.. the thing is, i struggle with disbelief only in a social interaction with girls - because i know im bad at it, its a disbelief based on experience, based on many rejections.
    I have no disbelef anywhere else. Im really good athlete, best football player in the team, now i represent my university in football, working out in a gym. Im good thinker - read a lot of books, learning from expert lectures and discussions. but...

    How do you believe in yourselve on field you were never successful?

    *I dont really have any issues in my life, other than thinking that living alone is just not worth living at all.

    Hope you will get better :)
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  4. Roffelaar

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    Every man on this world can become good with women. You have to put the work and effort in it.
    I know we all want to hear that there is a quick fix in how to get good with girls, but there isn't. If you do not better your life in general you will always stay the damn same.

    You got to work hard for it and be proud of the small steps you take. Some guys are born like godly handsome and they have never had a hard time in finding a girlfriend and we can whine all day about how unfair it all is blablabla.

    But for the guys that weren't born with this advantage... How amazing would it feel if you would pass all of them and become better than them, because you actually put the hard work into it. Its a skill

    Do not look at other peoples lifes and compare yourself with it. Go sit by yourself away from all the distractions and just think of what you actually want in life and start working towards it. Set small goals for yourself.

    Start over and do better this time.
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