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  1. Karegador

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    So a day or so ago I blacked out, after a week of little to no sleep while working on a final project for a class I took this semester, and when I came too I found I had cum. Since then I have been horny. I'm used to being horny. I have reached the point where I can ignore it with no issue. But this time it was different. I had pornographic images runnning around in my head driving me crazy. These were of some porno that I have no knowledge of ever watching.

    Then today came. I had a stressful time doing errands out of the house. That all culminated in me locking my keys in the car when I got home and thus locking myself out of the house. First thing I did after AAA came to rescue me was run inside and fap. Boy did the dopamine feel good. And boy do I feel disappointed and week right now.

    That epiphany I had a few weeks ago still sticks with me. Up until today I have not had any urges to fap. In fact, I have found myself extremely calm in the urge department. I guess this just goes to show that I extreme stress is still a threat to my will power.

    This round, I know I'll go the distance. Especially if I find a way to relax myself when I get stressed.
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    Yeah, good to go ahead and plan a different relaxing activity now so you're ready.

    Also, good now that you have the experience of how disappointed and weak you felt. That's also something you can reflect on next time you're tempted. Momentary pleasure vs long lasting disappointment and weakness. Keep going, man!
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    What are you doing to relax?
  4. Karegador

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    Generally, I play with and/or cuddle/pet my cats. Today I just reached the breaking point stress wise while I was standing outside my house, freezing, while waiting for AAA. Also, if my wife is home, I just hang out with her because she knows how to cheer me up.

    I need to come up with a way to manage my stress while it's building so I don't break like today.

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