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    Hi Guys,

    This month has been horrible lately, I relapsed up to 29 relapses this month on 10 days. And something in my mind wants me to go one more up to 30 (Like an OCD thing). But I'm trying my hardest not to. I relapsed three times yesterday, and once this morning at around 12:30am. What to do guys, do you guys have any tips on how to fight Porn? That would be so helpful.
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    do exercise i morning,meditation,be busy study or anything but dont be ideal with phone .if you know hindi i can send you a good NoFap video but in hindi language. you reached 10 days that's good
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  3. Start with small goals, try to go without P at first for say 3days, and gradually increase your streak. Find the activities which indulge you, keep yourself busy. Read about success stories of people with high streaks, keep yourself motivated.
    Rather than temporary happiness lookout for long term satisfaction. You will do better my friend.
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