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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Gooner, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Gooner

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    Hey all I'm 17 years..I've been havin a crush on this girl in my class for about two years now and I still haven't asked her out...she calls me her husband after some bullshit my classmates did abt two years back...she dosnt like me sittin next to other girls and talk ( I think it's just for fun that she does that)..she even asked me to be her date at a party a week back which my nasty parents didn't allow me to go (ain't ever forgiving them for that -.-)..every time she talks to me I start kinda blushing and run out of words so I just have drop the talk which kinda sucks..and even most of my friends knw i have a crush on her too coz of the blushing n stuff..last Friday a friend of her n I were talkin and she asked me if I thought Delilah(my crush)was pretty and when I said yes she's like whether I like reply was just a shoulder lift (that yeah maybe kinda thing people do to the shoulders? :p feel pretty pissed at my self for not saying yes) and she started smilin n sayin that she knows I like delilah and guys u think i should go ask her out?we r kinda pretty close friends eventhough we don't get talk much and I don't want to ruin that freindship between us in case she rejects me..
    That's it guys..and sorry abt the long post xD
    Had to repost it in this section coz I didn't get any help on the other sections
  2. nofap90days

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    Yes ask her out, technically she already asked you out so you can't really expect a "no" from her. Then you can reply to this forum stating she said "yes", and then this will be classified as a "success story" post.
  3. Tbolt0001

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    I agree, ask her out since she already considers you her "husband" I don't think she would have a problem going out with you since she is not embarrassed to be associated with you in public(not saying she has reason to be embarrassed by you but you get the point)but use your own discretion.
  4. 20cents

    20cents Fapstronaut

    Be calm. Smile. Ask her to hang out by yourselves. Since you already known her for a long time, feel free to go for a meal, but the most important thing is doing something that you believe you'll mutually enjoy. (note the word "mutual", so no fuckin vidya bullshit here fapstronaut, unless she's actually into it)

    Remember: smile.

    Let us know what happens bro. Good luck.
  5. Cojax

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    Most often you only regret the things you never dared to do! Just do it!;)
  6. TeamUSASwan

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    Nothing to lose from trying, nothing to gain from not trying. Go for it, brother.
  7. GayRomeo

    GayRomeo Fapstronaut

    Of COURSE you should ask her out. If the way you're describing things is remotely accurate, she'll say yes.
  8. Treeclimber11

    Treeclimber11 Fapstronaut

    If your worried you will not be friends if you date and break up I doubt that u will seperate your friendship because of it
  9. Jeves

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    Salutations Gooner.

    Seems like young love is the dilemma here. I would ask it won't hurt you to try, just like your experiences here on NoFap, asking a girl out may not be something you want to do initially ( Just like not PMOing anymore...who intentionally deprives themselves from this glorious gift right?). I know right now I'm doing it to better myself as a person and you really won't know what happens to you until you try man. Sometimes it takes that push to get you to ask her, you got a major support system here man, in this forum. We have your back with this, you just need to find the courage to do so.

    Let us know how it went man, I just hope things may work out for you for this one....dying to find out.


    - Jeves
  10. IGY

    IGY Guest

    I am going to be the odd one out here, but I don't think you are ready. This week, you masturbated to porn 11 times inside 48 hours. That is a monumental binge. You need to sort yourself out before you progress your relationship with this girl. You can use the prospect of doing so as an incentive, but to ask her out now when you are so badly addicted would not be fair to her and would possibly even make your efforts to stop this shit even worse. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, regretfully, this is my sincere opinion.
  11. Gooner

    Gooner Fapstronaut

    Yeah Pmo is one of the reasons I still haven't been able to ask her out..Pom for more than 5 Years 2-3 times a day has left me with no confidence at all.on top of tht I get flushes a lot when speaking to her too..I was planning to ask her out maybe after 2 months refraining frm pmo? It's been real tough (just look at my counter-hope it will be motivational stuff for others Someday :p ) but I'm glad I'm gonna reach my target of 7 days for the first time since I started pmo xD - gotta do dis for the princess lol :p
    Oh n when I'm ready to ask her out, u guys will be the first to knw n I'll surely let u guys knw how it went..
  12. tune345

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    you can't gain anything new from trying the old !
  13. kevinator

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    From what you are describing here, she probably knows that you have a crush on her. A boost in self confidence would be helpfull in this situation, when you trust yourself enough go and ask her out, it's up to you. PMO is a big self confidence consumer.
  14. Always remember you are the prize.

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