Relationship With Your Father

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How is your relationship with your father?

  1. Absolutely terrible

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  2. Not so bad but could be better

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  3. I have a great relationship with my father

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  4. Never met my father since he walked out on us

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  5. My father died when I was young

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  1. Got a narcissistic father here. Every utterance is either a complaint, excuse, or a put down. All talk no game.

    We all have our individual biological family troubles though, we just gotta find the path ourselves.

    To quote Guardians of the Galaxy 2: "He may be your father, but he ain't yo daddy." - Yondu

    ***I emphasize biological family, because your real family can be separate from or coincide with your biological family, according to wise people I have met.
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  2. Sibecai

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    My father left myself, my older brother and my mother to start another family 18 years ago.

    I have some good memories of him, but he and the father from my childhood are not the same person.

    I guess that my brother and I lack of his support and it is a cause to some problems that still remains.
  3. Relationship with my father is bleh but not horrible. Relationship with my mother was absolutely terrible, she was violently abusive, had constant dramatic mood swings and would curse at me/put me down for no reason whenever she was in a bad mood.
  4. kingpietro

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    sorry you are not my shrink so i am not obligated to tell you that
  5. thorswrath32

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    I think it can be any relationship whether it's your father or mother but because the father is your first male role model, obviously as young people we take our social cues from him at first until we are introduced to other good or bad male role models. Addiction I believe has it's roots in neglect and lack of affection, whilst i had a great relationship with my mother and my father was not abusive, at the same time he also was never really 'present' if that makes sense? never really took an interest in my interests growing up and i grew more distant from him as i became a teenager and a young adult. My real problems with porn didn't start until i lost my mother to breast cancer and at that time my father was also upset but he left the country to live with another woman, it was a very isolated and lonely time for me, despite having friends i found it difficult to open up about the real pain i was feeling and with my father being absent at those times it made it more difficult. Instead this pent up anger, resentment, fear was medicated with porn, alcohol and drugs.

    These days my relationship with my father is a lot better and i see him regularly and we talk a lot more openly about things now which i feel has helped so much.
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  6. Preston200

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    I don't know about that. My relationship with my dad is OK but this is mainly down to were I am and not about him. He gives me a great example of hard work, care for others and everything I wus wnt 2 b. My guess is that adduction is for so may reasons and uh relationships with parents can b one. I know only for me that my addiction comes from something else that I cudntvdeal with even though my mum and dad have always been there and wud do anything for me. I hope one day to get to a space I can reelly say thanks. I understand my experience is only mine and know from my school mates that their relationship with their dad was a big problem, some coped better than others. Sorry I always say more than I should.
  7. JouleTrader

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    Pretty good, I guess. I don't blame him for my problems. I think it's because I got sorta imprinted when I was a kid, developed a fetish for bdsm, and I later on had a girlfriend that I could enact my fantasies with. I'm largely over the porn now, it's been since June. My thoughts are still not clean and wholesome, I do have times I fantasize about power and money and hoes.
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