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  1. I have a pretty relationships asking post.

    But seeing society to these days lately. I'm thinking about relationships and being able to conquer one myself. I'm starting to think it won't even happen for me unless I get back into school. But on the other hand relationships happen to my friends who are just living life and go out to look. Yes as I write this I may seem like I'm in denial. I'm just wondering about anybody else's thoughts? Can it happen threw patience, time, or do you have to go out searching for her? Yes my mind is boggled at this point. Or is it the paycheck and having went threw school that makes you far more attractive?

    Last relationship I've had was back in October last year. I met a girl recently online but she ended up having attitude. It completely turned me off so I stopped talking to her. Maybe my confidence and skills are low but I'm not even sure.. Is there anybody on here that has a damn well good relationship and if it happened just because? Anyway I'm congratulating you on a job well done. Even a woman's point of view would be awesome. :)
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    Confidence and solid interpersonal skills/emotional intelligence are attractive. Having goals and a drive to succeed is attractive. Already enjoying one's life and being content without needing to be in a relationship goes a long way in itself. You do have to put yourself in a position to be able to meet the kind of person with whom you'd like to be in a relationship, but I don't think you have to be obsessively pursuing potential partners to find a good relationship.
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    You should just get on with your life and stop thinking about it. Find a hobby you like. Then you will find a relationship. No one will date an unsuccessful person. remember this

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