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    Answering staight up to your question, yes, religion does help with this IF you are a religious person. Being a Christian, I believe it is morally wrong to PMO. Because it is a sin against God, that is my main reason to kick this thing.

    If you don't have a conviction for your sins and are simply doing this for self-improvement, I highly solute you.

    For me, however, every time I have an urge, I can go straight to God and ask Him for help, or quote Scripture verses that give me the strength to beat the urge, and eventually beat the addiction.

    Hope this was a good answer to your question.
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    True, it helps me too :)
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    Even though I'm almost always in a confusion state regarding religion, especially in these last eight-nine months, I certainly want to believe there's a God, mainly because of the many atrocities and the suffering there is in this world. The thought that there is relieve afterwards for those who suffered on Earth, keeps me somewhat sane, even though it may or may not be true. I respect other people's choices regardless if they believe or not. I used to pray each evening, but now I'm rethinking the system, as I would like to pray, as in more-like wearing a conversation with the Creator and I'm currently revamping the way I want to interact with God.

    I stopped PMO mainly for myself, but in a way I feel like I also stopped for spiritual reasons. I'm weird, I know. I barely can understand myself sometimes and explaining it in proper words is even harder.
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  4. I converted to Islam and i am still Muslim, Alhamdulillah. I am cleaning myself of all bad habits(porn included), and i think my religion helps me a lot. I am going to stop watching porn for religious and social reasons. Good luck my Friends!
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    I'm a Muslim and I'm taking this as a challenge for myself because I want to improve me. The other reason is that I want to make Allah proud of me for quitting a bad habit.
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    My creed starts with intelligent design and consciousness. For me God is not a belief, it's obvious. I am, thanks to Allah, a strong Muslim believer less by birth and more from argued choice.

    I'm into nofap because of a major mess I made with my life in which PMO had a big role. I cannot undo what I've done but it does help to know Allah is Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful. Nofap is a result of many changes to my world-view after painful realizations I could have avoided if I had paid closer attention to my biggest gift - Islam.

    On a different note, what's very interesting and unique about this group is that diverse individuals, separated by gender, religion, beliefs, location, culture, age, education, profession and what not, have all come together, with mutual respect, to accomplish one common goal. Hats off to each and every fapstronaut.
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    I'm Christian but even in the Christian circles i dont fit in. Most are lukewarm and say they are Christian but dont follow the Bible or make any effort to stay pure and holy for God and most dont believe in the soon rapture of Jesus to take his people off of this earth when the disasters hit this year. I was raised Christian but turned away from it for my entire life and was totally turned off against it as well. Then Jesus showed up so i could see him with my bare eyes and took me to heaven before and hundreds of visions as well of prophecies of wars etc that all came true-so that made me a believer again:). But when you get close to God you get attacked by the enemy (satan) even more so you actually have more problems then you had before:). sounds funny but true. So im under intense attack because i tell people about the soon rapture and thats why after 2 years of NoFap it all came back in an instant. I can see into peoples spirit as well and see whats going on with them and who they are as a person and often can read their minds as well. Its a gift from God and i use it to help people around the world who contact me for help with their walk with God. So yes Christianity can help someone immensely with any problem they have in their life including porn and jacking off..
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    I'm surprised that over half are Atheists. Most Atheists that I've talked to think people who are trying to stop PMO are "religious lunatics" and that religion is what's pressuring people to quit PMO.
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    Well, I'm catholic and I start deepening my faith since the beginning of this year... I'm totally grateful since it was religion what helped me find out this problem and it is my faith what's helping me cleaning it off...
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    Hey, I´m an seventh day adventist but I grew up in a muslim family. For a long time I thought that fapping is okay and normal. But then I started reading the bible and realized that masturbation doesn´t fit into God´s standard. It is a sin and Ellen White also wrote about masturbation and that it has negative effects both on our mind as well as on our body and that was in the 19th century! So I prayed to god that he may help me to overcome this sin because I really thought that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid from masturbation but I realized that it is possible so now I am motivated to win this battle. It really pleases me to see the message of the bible being in harmony with objective science. I believe that prayer is a powerful weapon as well as the bible, our sword ;)
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    @akiale13 I just started reading a book from Ellen White about masturbation like 2 days ago, "A Solemn Appeal", some family member recomended, most of my family members are seventh day adventists, I don't have religious beliefs but still I gotta say this woman knew what she was talkin about back in 1870, she talks clearly about all the sympthoms that we experience today and how bad the MO affects the kids, even without porn, awesome book, I will finish it.
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    No god or religion. I used to say I am an atheist but people seem to understand it in so many ways... now I say I'm religionless.

    So, no god in my world and therefore no help from one either. On the other hand no god made start my PMO habit.
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    For most people religion is basically ritualistic that never really appealed to me . Faith on the other hand , that's a game changer. In the bible it's written that-
    "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" in God, faith in yourself, faith in a beautiful tomorrow. So yeah, faith really helps...but that's just my view on draw strength from someone or something when you're weak...and that differs for every person....we all have our own totems for when the storm hits....and faith is mine...: )
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  14. I'm Greek Orthodox (Greek-Russian-Romanian-etc.). We are somewhat like Roman Catholics, if you are not familiar. Growing up I was Protestant.

    I believe M and P are wrong, and I feel bad about it, but I don't spend all my time feeling guilty. I know that God loves me and forgives me. When I lapse, I try to make a better effort at prayer, and this helps me quit. Confession has been a big help. It was massively humiliating at first confessing my behavior and thoughts because I was hugely embarrassed and felt like dirt. However, the help and compassion I got from my confessors was amazing. They told me that some of my thoughts (the instant, out of nowhere ones) were actually attacks, and didn't come from me. I also blew M up into such a huge crushing thing in my head, but they made me realize that, while it's a sin, you just have to pick yourself up, and try better. Letting it get you so upset, and feeling bad about yourself, is bad because it starts to rule over you and you get stuck in the habit. You have to let it go and not obsess about it to get over it. They also told me that it's something a lot of people struggle with. More than anything else Christianity/Orthodoxy helps me get my mind above M. Going to the beautiful services, saying my prayers, etc. helps a lot. I get stuck thinking about worldly things, but the life of the Church helps me to understand and feel like I'm more than my body and brain. With any bad habit, it's not enough to want to not do it, you have to want something better. One thing that has kind of helped is knowing about saints like St. Mary of Egypt, who was totally sex absorbed before she repented, and on the other hand, saints who lived very pure lives. I knew one such person. The fasting we do also helps.

    I think my struggle with MO and PMO, and experience of forgiveness, has helped me to be more compassionate and non-judgemental about other people's struggles. Whether they are just weak, or outright intentionally sinning, I know that there are reasons why they have those particular problems, often times because they have been hurt or neglected. Like my failings, it doesn't make it ok, but the struggles are real and they are in pain.

    I also have been able to see better how destructive M and P are.
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  15. Bale

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    People of faith have an advantage on non-believers: they know they can turn to prayer when things get tough. Others must learn mindfulness techniques such as meditation.
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    I like your post, I believe that the bible does not teach ritualistic practices and for me prayer is very important, especially when I am in trouble or when I feel weak.
  17. I am spiritual and I do believe that all religions are to be connected, just like all humans are to be connected.
    Personally, I try to have faith regarding NoPMO and I don't directly link it to religion.
    That just ain't my case, but I respect it if others do.
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    very true @firdi !!!

    and @ChronicTeen , At least in my experience, religion helps me to start again every time I fall ...
    I am Catholic but it is not that I think we only need Religion to get through our bad habits... it just that for some of us it helps... It is not that we believe that one day God is going to help us to get rid of this overnight, we also believe that is our effort that matters (with the help of what we believe is the grace of God. We pray to Him so that he may inspire us and strengthen us...)
    All the best bro!
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    I am a Catholic who struggles with my faith. I go to church every Sunday mainly because it is a great time for me to reflect. I volunteer at the church regularly because I feel a need to give back to a community that I believe does a lot of good for the world and the local community.

    But... as I said, I struggle with my faith. I don't truly believe in the Christian faith. I don't turn to god to solve my problems. I don't turn to god to help me with noFap. I don't need the catechism to tell me that porn is bad for me. Being Catholic my entire life did nothing to keep me from finding and getting engrossed in PMO. Having a strong and devout Catholic mother and I grew up being surrounded by an active Catholic community. Yet, I still got hooked on PMO. I have a lot of respect for the preisthood, the pope, and the Catholic Church, but, I struggle with my basic beliefs. For example, why is the Christian God the right God? Why is Catholicism the right flavor of Christianity? Why do I need a religious institution when I can follow the exact same morals without the dogma? If I were born into a Mormon family or a Hindu family or a Muslim family, I would most likely believe in their God, so, why would God allow for the geography of someones birth determine the ease of which they can enter heaven?

    That is why I struggle with my faith and that is why I don't turn to God for strength and I don't pray often.

    I do hope that Religion and even non-religious societal morals will discourage people from using porn earlier in their lives, so that they don't have to get sooo deep into porn before they realize how bad it is. I also hope that science will continue to prove that porn is in general bad for society so that society will start to do a better job of discouraging people from getting addicted to PMO. I think there is a place for some societal controls over things that are bad for society. For example, I am glad the government censors nudity by not allowing strip joints to be within a certain radius of a school. I am glad we live a society that has laws that keep people from having sex anywhere they want. I think there are reasonable laws that could and should be inacted to better protect young people from the dangers of internet porn.
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    I am not a religious man. Not in the least. However I am a deeply spiritual man. I believe there is SO MUCH MORE going on in this universe than that which ordinary, average humans can perceive, let alone believe.

    I view all religions equally and respectfully. I believe if religion can inspire human beings to become better individuals and in turn create a better world, then please keep seeking peace and virtue through the teachings of your religion.

    I am a Buddhist, however true Buddhism is not a religion.

    Without the teachings of Buddhism I would be destroyed by demons and addiction. I would fall into the belly of the criminal underworld and end up in prison or dead for sure.

    Some people need faith to help them overcome.

    Some don't. Whether you have a faith or not, it all comes down to using the power of your own mind to succeed.

    New Thought like thinkers are really inspiring to me. Here is a fantastic resource of some old school masterminds,

    I recommend reading the works of Napolean Hill, Raymond Hull, Dale Carnegie, Rich Roll, and whoever else may float your boat there are a plethora of inspirational figures out there touting how to find success by being the best version of yourself, for anyone doing NoFap, should be a prerequisite to read Napolean Hill's chapter on transmutation at least.
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