Religious girlfriend wouldn't have sex :(

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by dragonslayer, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Just break up with her. Find a GF who loves you and loves sex. Be honest, sex is important to you. Nothing wrong with that.

    Some men and some women find it important. I left a girl when i found out she wanted to remain a virgin until marriage. It's not going to work out because your going to be horny all the time. It's not fair to bug her for sex, when she doesn't want to. You will find the right girl for you, have faith
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  2. It's not going to work man, that's why I'm 19 and hadn't have a boyfriend EVER, because I knew they will want sex, and I don't want to because I had seen many people with something wrong in their lives because they did have sex before marriage... God's laws exist because He know what's convenient for us. So stop hurting yourself, and maybe her, because one might be catholic but still has hormones and sexual instinct and has to repress oneself, and maybe she's also suffering because she can't make you happy. It sounds like something horrid, I wouldn't be able to be in there! It's far easier to reject boyfriend possibilities. I just don't want more trouble, and maybe so she does.
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    If you want to date men who don't want sex, date heteroromantic asexual men. is a dating site where you can find men like that.
  4. There's a certain problem because, at least in my environment, boys don't wanting sex are asexual or homosexual, so I don't want to date at all. Besides, I do want to have sex, after marriage. I had asexual options nearby me, but what the hell! They'll never care of me! I don't think you get the point of abstinence. I just want to focus on my career. I refuse anything else. It's too complicated for me.
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    Asexual men are capable of having healthy, loving relationships with women, so they'd probably care more for you than heterosexual men. And saying that boys who don't want sex are "homosexuals," is like saying women who don't want sex are "dykes." But do as you wish. I was just giving a suggestion.
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    What the hell did I just read?
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    It's not going work out because sex for him is important. I'm not sure what you complaining about?
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    204 days in and you still haven't realized sex is not the pinnacle of life? Question for you is : Are you really doing it right?
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    I don't feel you understand me properly :) Thank you for taking the time to reply ;)

    Find a GF who loves you as well as someone who loves to get intimate you. This is for the OP because it's important for him, obviously it's important for me as well. Your right, that's not the only thing in life. But you also have to be honest with yourself. If you love sex, you love sex. It's going to be painful for both of you, if you want it and she doesn't. I been there and it doesn't work. I like the best of both worlds. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, do you?

    I agree, being in a loving relationship is the number one important thing (I'm also looking for a loving relationship, first and foremost) .Second for me it to have an active sex life (different for everyone). Second to me is still important, I just have to be honest with myself because life is too short. Some girls find this important as well. If you don't know this already, most guys on nofap enjoys sex as well in a loving relationship like I do.

    If you are asexual, that's fine. I have no issues with that. I like to find a girl who loves me for who I am, that I'm compatible with, that also enjoys sex. That's all :)
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    Abstinence is not asexual any more than dieting is not liking food. It is a commitment to abstain for a specific period of time, or until a condition was met.

    Someone can be sick, bulimic, and say that they are dieting, so some communication is needed to clarify the vocabulary. Not just Catholic girls, and not just girls can wear promise rings as a sign that they are committed to no sex outside of marriage. It would seem that they could be a great find, if one was interested in finding a SO that would be faithful and dedicated after marriage.
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    Sorry about that. I thought you were glorifying sex to be topmost thing in the world. Just that I don't think sexual differences should be the cause' of breaking up with someone. It's hard to find a girl who is willing to save herself for the right person and that fact may make it worth it to wait for her. That's all I'm saying.
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    You know where she stands on sex. It's up to you to decide on the relationship
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    I'm with this. As a practicing Muslim, the rules are clear across the Abrahamic faith tree.

    Dragonslayer - Don't push it if she is devout. It's not fair to tempt her.
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    You can't force her, so wait or find another girl, I don't see any third solution...
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    I don’t think the OP indicated that she dislikes either.

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