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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Squeaky Soul, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Squeaky Soul

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    I think I'm finally ready to make a commitment.

    So in May 2015 I started a long streak that lasted until December 31st. So if I'm counting right it lasted between 7.5-8 months long. It ended as I started questioning my faith a lot. After I swayed more towards atheism I didn't really see what was wrong for PMO. I big motivator to stop PMO in the first place was for religious reasons.

    I PMOd heavily for seven months. Most days I can't function without relapsing once or twice.

    This takes a lot for me to write. Abstaining used to come so easily to me, but now it's nearly impossible. I hope that with a firm commitment here on nofap I'll be able to abstain for the rest of my life.
  2. Hi Squeaky! I wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you are back! Sorry to hear that you went on a long binge. :( Even if you are questioning your faith and can no longer rely on religious motivations, there are still plenty of reasons to quit PMO. Your health, your quality of life, and your relationships are some of them.

    Wish you luck on your reboot! I know you can do this, you did it before. Just remember that strength you had on your 7.5 month streak. That can be you again!
  3. Oneness

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    I'm sorry to hear you went back to it. If you can do it once you can definitely do it again.

    Why do you want to stop doing it this time now that religious reasons aren't going to drive it for you anymore?
  4. Squeaky Soul

    Squeaky Soul Fapstronaut

    My main reasons are:

    *I don't like having to feel dependant on PMO to function normally.

    *Intense brain fog.

    *Forgetfulness. I'm not sure if this is related, but I've been incredibly forgetful lately. I'm normally very sharp.

    *Social anxiety. It seems PMO is a direct correlation to anxiety I get around people - even close friends.

    *More energy. I get exhausted after PMO.

    What are your main reasons?
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  5. Oneness

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    I'm doing it for all of the reasons you've stated. I've also had this realisation that having your head constantly awash with sexual thoughts is a kind of sickness - it stops you from seeing life properly. I've also realised what semen is and how important it is to have this within my system. It is literally a life creating force. Coupled with this i've also sought to fix the way i relate to sex with my wife. I don't want to engage it sex for release, I want to engage in it as an expression of my love.

    I'm glad that you've realised the tangible reasons of how it's affecting your life, remind yourself of them whenever you have an urge at the beginning of your journey and surely but slowly the life inside of you will increase.
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  6. NoBrainer

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    I'm trying again too. Best of luck Squeaky.
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  7. nfprogress

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    I do remember you! And I also recall how it easy it seemed for you to abstain. I never quite figured out how you managed to pull that off in such an effortless capacity (I know your AP likely played a role). In any event, bienvenido and good luck!
  8. Masquerade

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    Welcome back. Its time for another go.
  9. NoneForMeThanks

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    Those are some pretty sound reason squeaky.

    My main reasons for staying clean are:
    -In college, I had several instances of porn induced ED- the absolute worst feeling ever.
    -PMO causes me intense brain fog. to the point where I can't function
    -Intense obsessing tendencies/ OCD caused by PMO
    -Staying clean gives me 200000x more energy
    -Social anxiety is gone
    -confidence goes to zero if I PMO
    -PMO causes insane craving for more PMO, hence the addiction. This is so much work to fight I will not allow myself to go back to ground zero.
    -A PMO relapse will induce several months of POIS symptoms after an O. This causes extreme brain fog and lack of functioning as well.

    Bottom line, A relapse would cause so much unnecessary torment and struggle in my life it simply is not worth it.
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  10. jonny94

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    A presentation about POIS.
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