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  1. @Thors just left. We didnt even talk much. He was a big believer of allah. And he was 100% devoted to his religion. And he just loved to say boi a lot. He called me Pickle Boi. Hope he comes back.
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  2. Hros

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    Unfortunate. Perhaps she finally got tired from all the weird, antagonistic comments made to her.
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  3. She has a youtube channel, doesn't she?
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  4. vxlccm

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    @ Cas
    You will be missed. Thanks for cheering me up to distraction on many late nights years ago with politics and popculture! One of the coolest and bravest out there. Happy travels.
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  5. En?gma

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    In truth, this guy was trapped in his own mind cage. Never seen a finger in the ass like him on this forum, but we will,comemorate him as we do with all other fallen brothers.
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  6. Wow really? He seemed like a cool dude
  7. Wow, if she's gone then we just lost one of our best people. If any more awesome people leave I might just call it quits myself lol
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  8. Yeah man, you can see his profile posts. He did that suddenly.:(
  9. I don't mind if people leave if they think they've recovered. Perhaps they have decided to spend their time in more productive ways.
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  10. I agree with you.
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  11. It's us who gives meaning to our comrades' lives! The brave fallen! The anguished fallen! The ones who will remember them, are us, THE LIVING!
    ~Erwin Smith
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    To show respect and gratitude to our fallen soldiers, each one of us should have a minute of silence every sunday.
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  13. Most of my life is in silence anyway, so I think I'm already doing that
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  14. En?gma

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    I remember one post where he said that he was not addicted to Porn and the real reason of his presence in this forum is actually unknow. I can remember three things about him, that he wasn't addicted to Porn, that he live in a shitty place (he said that, but was to misterious, we think he was talking about Brazil, Mexico, Cuba or a Central-south American country and that he was a proudly atheist (If he is happy is not a problem but he was trying to troll all the Creationist people with HIS truth thinking to be the Prophet of the universe).
  15. Are you talking about Thors ?
  16. brilliantidiot

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    Looks like she deleted both her youtube channel and instagram as well as here.
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  17. AtomicTango

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    Its a real shame to hear about Castielle, but I cant say I am all too surprised by it. Fairly recently I was talking to her about how she was tired of getting drawn into arguments with people and having her points misrepresented and obfuscated even when she wasn't trying to start arguments to begin with. I've seen this happen to her a few times so I certainly dont think she was just paranoid or anything. She did have a tendency to come down hard on people who maybe were not being malicious to her but, to be honest, she was only ever as blunt as I sometimes wish I was so I cant fault her for it.
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  18. LEPAGE

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    That's a shame. She made the off topic section interesting. She'll be missed.
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  19. kropo82

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    Instagram yes, but YouTube no, that's still there. Let's remember that revealing people's real-world identity is against the site rules.
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  20. brilliantidiot

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    She posted it here herself multiple times.
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