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  1. The fact that Beamer executed many of these punishments could also have to do with the fact that he simply did most of the mod work here. It looks a bit like the other mods were/are not doing much. Alexander himself posted one comment total in the last ~3 months.

    Meanwhile I called people who watch these comic book movies retarded children and got away with it. Good times.
    EDIT: I didn't get away with it :D Can't find the post.
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    This is likely true and its like I have said many times before, I dont have anything personally against Beamer, or any of the mods but to my eyes the bias was plain to see. I dont feel like I need to reiterate myself further than that however because you were in the thread I was talking about so theres no point.

    What ultimately got me suspended was me posting a picture of Funky Kong saying "OK retard" at someone who was being really, really annoying and stupid in a thread where the person in question was trying to argue about how masturbation is as important a biological need as breathing and eating/drinking. In the end I got fed up and called them out for being, well for being a retard. I accept my punishment as I was being rude but I'd be lying if I said it didn't rankle me at all, considering I know people say much worse and are fine. That event as well as several others (my arguments with shedarnitus or whatever the fuck shes called for example) has pushed me towards not bothering to comment on a lot of threads I might otherwise comment on if I deem the risk of starting a pointless argument to be too great. Its not worth the effort arguing with people on here and I'm too much of a hothead to just walk away before it escalates. Its not that I am too cowardly to debate my points, its just that I honestly cannot be bothered, especially when most arguments seem to stem from saying things that are completely non-confrontational. I think this kind of thing is why users like castielle left the site, because they got sick of everything they said being turned into a platform for another pointless debate.
  3. Sure. I'm only noting that the observation that he was often present is not enough evidence on its own that there was some cloak and dagger stuff going on.
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    Agreed. I dont think there is some deep conspiracy happening, just selective enforcement of rules. I dont and wont claim to have any reasons for why this is the case but based on my personal experience and from the things people have told me, I definitely believe it is. Not much else to say beyond that to be honest.
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    Why do you feel the need to go down to *that* low of a level man? If you had nothing good to say about him, then you really shouldn't have posted especially for how off topic you're being.
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    I mean, I stopped posting like 6 posts ago in case you didn't notice. In any case, all I did was reflect on his behavior here, which is literally in the name of the thread, so I don't think I was off-topic to begin with. Once i said what I had to, I left.

    Now I'm gonna stop posting again.
    It's that simple.
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    So what if it was "six posts ago"? That doesn't excuse what was said. That'd be like if I went on a small rant about somebody being an loser or idiot, but then stopped, so therefore what I said before was somehow justifiable just because I didn't continue. I brought it up because of what you said about him, regardless of who he is.

    What you said is off topic to this thread, and you would have known this if you actually read the OP's message. It's to commemorate people who have left or deleted their accounts, not to insult them, and show your disdainful attitude towards them. If you don't like someone fine, but don't go pushing your disapproval in a thread that has nothing to do with that.
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  8. Sarah Walker aka Littlebobeep deleted her account. She was really awesome. I Hope she's doing great.
  9. I am gonna delete my account too. I wish you all a happy and fulfilled life. You guys are awesome. You have got one life so make sure to achieve all your dreams.Thank you and Good luck.

    I am lord pickles.
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    Man, I'm saddened at how many people are leaving. :(
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    He was as good as his word at least.
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  12. And this is it for me too. Been on and off here for 2-1/2 years and have received lots of help. I don’t think I’m helping much here anymore. Time to move on.

    Also this time around had more negative experiences in the last six months than in the previous 2 years.

    One very bad one was a harasser who’d PM me garbage even though I never once PM’d him or addressed him in the public forum. I never responded to any of his PM’s except for reporting them to mods and the crazy guy just kept sending the garbage. The initial response by the mods about it was very discouraging. I kinda think the harasser was a mod himself. The guy was eventually banned and finally a competent mod helped me out. But the whole thing really left a “bad taste” with me.

    I’ve been more n more involved with SAA and it’s been a blessing. Been helping others as they help me. I recommend it. It’s only life changing if you get into the program as intended. Find a sponsor and go through the 12-step process. The steps aren’t “steps” to a final end. They are on-going practices for the rest of your life which will help you resist the temptations that will never go away as long as we are alive. My life has changed drastically since entering SAA. I am happy to be alive and enjoy my new freedom. Check out

    Been socializing a lot more too. Going climbing with a very nice lady in a couple days. Something that wouldn’t have been a possibility with me back in 2017 when I started this journey.

    I really do wish the best for everyone. Life has been getting better and better as I progress in maturity. I hope that others will experience that too.

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    Best of luck friend:)
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    Ah, we knew she was planning to do that but it is sad to see her go. She had helped so many people here (me included) and her posts were often funny too. I'll miss her.
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    @saneagain He killed himself after unending severe withdrawal symptoms. RIP.
  16. ANewFocus

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    That is the saddest thing.
  17. Hros

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  18. SoaringEagle

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    Going over his posts. Very sad to know this happened.
  19. Dagger323

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    I was in communication with him several times and he was one of the first people whose posts I discovered that led me to NoFap. How did you find out he ended his life? I am very saddened by this if it’s true...
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