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  1. I like @gordie sad to hear that but the mods wonts say why or how it seems this type of disscusion happens about every month or 2
  2. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    Depends when the power tripping has worn off and a recharge is needed.
  3. FirefromAbove

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    Hear this:

    When someone in a position of authority refuses and/or can’t articulate the reason why they did something. Then it was for no good reason and/or no reason at all.
  4. Great Point
  5. MaxEvans

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    And then you eradicate them?

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  6. Or maybe there was one. But it's none of our business. Everyone agreed to T&C when joining. Moderation team does a good job in keeping this place clean and safe. People who go after them, have been planted by the porn industry, and are trying to sabotage NoFap as a healthy community.
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  7. I have been here on three stints. Each time I met certain two faced people, who offered support the users who shared same worldview and beliefs, and went very angrily after other people who challenged their beliefs. And they got their just desserts for it, but then the 9 people who they were nice to would come crying after the staff and even bully the 1 person with whom that guy was very confrontational with. So, it's easy to see them as good guy, but remember everyone can have two faces, and you might not know the whole story.

    Just like the people here saying moderation team goes on a power trip, there are users who enjoy certain popularity and support among the vocal userbase and use it to silence their critics and when they mess up, they get yeeted for good.

    Overall, people may cry whatever they want to. In the end you had a conscious choice to join this place, you read the rules, and you got to stick to them, even if they don't make sense to you. If you think they are draconian, then that's your specific problem and the whole community should not bow to your views to accomodate you.

    I don't know why they were banned, I don't care to find out either. You need to do something extraordinary to get the boot from this place. And porn interest groups do occasionally send people here to try and undermine our wonderful community.

    I don't want this place to die. It's already a shadow of it's former self.
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    Only if necessary.
    gul dukat smile.jpg .
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    I'm back guys
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  10. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    You must have been gone for a long time from NoFap or fairly new here? A lot of these bans and suspensions that have occured did not have anything to do with the rules the moderators have placed. A lot of suspensions have occured due to difference in political and social beliefs between a said user and a mod. And when asked what we did wrong, they fail to tell us what or outright ignore the users. That is why the no politics rule popped up last year, as it is clearly to keep a moderator’s views in their favor and the politics reach into their worldview, sexuality, and morals. Sort of how you can’t argue the fact on here that some transgenders were influenced by porn and sex addiction. And if you argue that it’s an automatic ban hammer and suspension. It sucks, since logic is becoming outlawed and feelings have become king. Or queen, since you don’t want to get banned for saying only one gender. A lot of users decreased their posting due to this, which is why activity on this site has gone down tremendously.
  11. FirefromAbove

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    You were many things.

    Your opinions on certain porn? Creepy

    Your use of third person and collective pronouns? Uber creepy

    Your arguments? Contrarian

    Your views on ancient greece? Enough material for a search warrant.
  12. AtomicTango

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    Who will I go to when I need someone to disagree with everything everyone says all the time?

    I was having such a nice day.jpg
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  15. FirefromAbove

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    This is why I stand for the national anthem.
  16. The creator of this thread joins the list
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    lizards mousqette, too based to live
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    Night of the long knives.
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    RIP Lizards mousqette
    I was starting to like the little guy
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    Am I imagining things or has Crilla (the self-styled "badass mod") disappeared? I'll miss her. She took a very different approach to mine (she valued lots of micro-goals) but her posts were always useful and interesting.
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