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    Not so fast buddy. ;)
    I'm staying away from the forum, but definitely not "fallen". In fact, things are working out exactly as I planned.

    Time to go again.

  2. Hey man that's awesome. Hope you are well. Take care! :)
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    I remember when she said "Bloody" this and "Bloody" that. It was cool.
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  4. He didn't delete his account. But he is gone nonetheless.
  5. Oh, I didn't notice her leaving. She had some terrible accident and life dealt her the joker as usual. Such a sad thing to happen.
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    I don't think she left. She was last seen just a couple of weeks ago and she wrote she was busy.
  7. I miss her. I think she’s really cool and a tough lady getting through life with the cards that were dealt her.

    Hopefully she’ll check in again.
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    Who made this thread? The person itself is one of the fallen!
  9. brilliantidiot

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    Gaius Julius Caesar
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    Thug Life / MotherFucker / Livelihood / Mr. Fox / Son of a Bitch / ? [DEACTIVATED]

    Fake Til You Become / Gaston [?]

    FlawedChristian / HopefulChristian [BANNED]

    @Waldo101 [AWOL]

    Tweeby [BANNED]

    Fap_Doc / ? [DEACTIVATED]

    HarderThanSatan [DEACTIVATED]

    @Kristian [AWOL]

    @Aiyoshi [AWOL]

    @thatoneguy123 [AWOL]
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  11. Makes me sad :(
  12. A reason 1 could leave is people casually speaking out accusatory words such as bully/manipulator/ and toxic against people.
    Lets not use these words lightly or for making a situation look worse than it can be truly hurtful for a member.

    Its good to keep in mind that just because some decide to stay on the forum as opposed to giving up and leaving doesn't mean they're (always) having the best of times or that they don't have people that don't like them/give them a hard time.

    Always know your reasons for staying and hang strong. I miss Gaius and Jim still..and I hope they do return. I would def miss it if some of my friends left but I would probably still stay because I still feel I need to be here and I also want to be here to help others.
    So if you are going through something with other members just make different friends, know you'll make more, and keep your reasons for staying in mind and push through it!
    It's worth while.

    Maybe also be rational and that if a friend of yours deleted and didn't give you means of communication outside of NoFap they must not have been that close of a friend anyways.,
    However, people who delete almost always return if they need to be here, so I wouldn't worry too much sometimes. A lot of people return : )
    Stay hopeful, guys.

    Edit: added a "a reason " on the first sentence.
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  13. brilliantidiot

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  14. Jocko2019 and Starkey [both deleted]
  15. Basith maybe..:/
    and goodnice 2.0
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  16. Thank your for this suggestion.

    I love this guy’s journal. It’s very self-absorbed. Reminds me of a NoFap far side comic strip character.


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  17. @1dayattatime

    Both of these Dudes were a badass. Both were really encouraging when I first started.

    Greatest advice he gave me was that he found it necessary to “delete and reboot” his character (in real life).”

    God that makes so much sense after doing things for everyone most of my life.

    Inspired me to read : “how to not give a fuck.”
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  18. Yeah! I couldn't put it down. It was off the rails but I enjoyed his writing style a lot.
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  19. Wish SuperFurryThing was around for me to thank him.

    He was getting more and more into get togethers and was getting more and more social and meeting different women that enjoyed his company.

    His posts influenced me to get into get togethers and I've been having a great time being more social and meeting others including some nice kind friendly women that enjoy having me around.

    I used to sit around alone beating myself up with negative self-talk. I convinced myself that no one would want me around. But I finally got off my ass and made changes.

    Thanks SuperFurryThing for your inputs (if you're out there). Sorry that you're gone.
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