Remembering the first time I reached 120 days noPMO

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    this is going to be a post about my past, for me and hopefully for others to motivate them.

    I'm going to write this because I had problems and relapsed over and over for almost silly reasons.

    Here are the major thoughts I had before I relapsed
    • "Oh, come on. You need this right now. You will feel better afterwards. You are stressed and this will end your stress."
      • Ended my 120 days streak
    • "Look, here in this book it is recommended to give yourself a lovely masturbation. So, masturbation cannot be that bad, am I right?"
      • Ended my 70 days streak
    • "Yeah, I know you're bored. You're sick and laying in bed right now, so, it doesn't really matter if you break the rules. Come on, just a peak. Maybe a good porn video. What could happen?"
      • Ended my 50 days streak

    And this is how I felt after PMOing for some time
    • Feeling social insecure and anxious when there is no obvious reason
    • Feeling of lower worth towards other people
    • Having self doubts
    • Subconsiously going into the victim-mindset, always, when talking to somebody
    • Having massive brain fog (I could not follow important thoughts in my head)
    • Having some kind of depression, wanted to stay in bed for longer in the mornings
    • The urge to isolate myself from others (because of feelings of unworthiness)
    • Inner criticism got way out of hand (feelings of shame almost always within me)
    • Could not control my thoughts, reacted to almost anything that somebody said (even when I desperately didn't want to)
    • Being/feeling unproductive very often, resulting in feeling sad
    • No inner peace

    Things that led to PMO
    • Using social media (esp. Instagram)
      • Seeing so much (half-)naked people makes you horny
      • Seeing so much "successfull and happy" people makes you sad
      • Social media gives you dopamin, and soon you want more (porn)
    • Feeling bored
    • Feeling sad
    • Feeling unloved
    • Feeling not welcomed / not a part of a group
    • Feeling rejected
    I don't say that NoPMO is a master weapon, but it leads you to deal with every feeling you have. Simply because you cannot run away from it. So, you learn to deal with your issues instead of numbing your pain with PMO. You mature as a man.

    And now: Here were the benefits of 120 days noPMO for me
    • Feeling socially secure
    • Feeling like the alpha in a group (most people want to talk to you)
    • Being productive (you have more time and you will overcome boredness)
    • Higher selfesteem
    • Feeling of "aura" --> Like your spirit is way bigger and people around you can feel it
    • Extremely calm in social situation, no sign of self doubts
    • My mind was totally clear. This was one of the best feelings ever. Never experienced this before in my whole life
    • Life was colorfoul: I remember once seeing a butterfly and I was so astonished by its beauty
    • Inner peace
    • Self respect and selfworth leads other people to respect you and treat you better (it even worked within my family)
    • Feeling important and worthy --> for the first time in my life, I realized that I AM SOMEONE. That feeling is priceless
    • Higher motivation
    • Less worries and doubts
    • More risky
    This list could go on and on. I don't know what noPMO makes for you, but for me it is clear: I become the best version of myself.

    I hope this thread can motivate you somehow.

    Best regards

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    Very inspiring man. Especially because I just relapsed. I hope to one day achieve the same success you have.
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    too inspiring man. When did you initially start feeling the benefits? Was it around like day 40 or slightly afterwards? + Did you go through any withdrawals during that journey?
  4. Scorpion2

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    how i feel after pmoing and benefits is exactly on point. I always just wonder how my life would be different had i discovered this 10 years ago
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  5. Very inspiring.keep it up.:emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup:
  6. Randox

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    You're describing myself for over a decade, many thanks for this, I agree with everything you said. Wish you all the best :)
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    Inspiring! Congrats man!
  8. Juancho99

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    Thank you for sharing your story, it is very nice to read what happened to you and what we expect many in our lives.
  9. RndyBm

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    Love this post. This part really got me:
    That "wanting to stay in bed longer in the mornings" omg that is so on point. Since not PMO'ing (and its only been abitover a week) I feel Iam way more productive with my time. And I am not getting the brain fogs - such a nasty side effect PMO. You gave me the motivation to carry on another day, because I was tempted. But not now. I have too much to lose if I go back now! Thanks again and good luck with your journey!
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    Real motivation. You have described perfectly the descent of a fapper. He seemed to talk to me. I am surprised and more motivated thanks to your post.
    Thank you very much
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  11. Awesome post!

    Congratulations mate!
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  12. EliasGreen

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    Nice to read that some of you can take something out of this post, thank you (y)

    Now that you mention it.. I think it was really after day 40. Maybe around day 50. I started to get more comfortable in my body and I hadn't these self doubts anymore whilst talking. But the time I realized the benefits, realized that something has indeed changed, was when I was sitting outside with a group of people who wanted to act in a movie. There were beautiful women who (almost all of them) wanted to talk to me. And next to me was this guy: He was kind of handsome, but out of no obvious reasons he couldn't manage to stay calm/relaxed and the women got bored with him and switched again to talking to me. I realized that I had gained something within me, like a calm strength. It was like sitting there and vibrating much positive energy.
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  13. EliasGreen

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    I hope this is OK, if I link an article I wrote about the truth about PMO.
    It is for the German readers out here. I also linked this NoFap Forum for the people who read my article and want to know more about.

    Best regards and stay strong people!
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  14. Randox

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    Is it available in English?
  15. EliasGreen

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    Unfortunately not. But it is just a summarization of the cons of PMO. The goal is to lead people to this forum to support them.

    I think, in Germany it is a common problem with PMO which almost no one addresses.
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  16. Mattew

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    Thanks, that is really useful.
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  18. Puretim

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    I don't see my original reply so here I go again. Anyway I really like what you shared. At 4 days I'm feeling everything you listed in the first volumn- all the lousy feelings. I have no doubt though that if I stay on the path of recovery everything you listed in the later column will come about for me. Thanks for sharing , you remind me why I'm doing this.
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  19. EliasGreen

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    Thank you for your comment.
    I hope this encourages more people.

    I'm on day 29 now (as I began new). The benefits are really surprising. If some one wants an UPDATE, like or comment and I can give you some Update about
    1. Flatlines (why they are the most important situations in recovery)
    2. My benefits
    3. Combining NoPMO with something else, to speed up the recovery

    Thanks for all the people who came to my site
    Especially, I'm thankful when I could help some people out there.

    Stay strong!

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