Reminder: Beware of people catfishing to get off and sext. Be safe.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Alexander, Apr 30, 2019.

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    People on any online forum, social media site, etc, might not be who they say they are. We've had plenty of reported cases of LARPing / catfishing on here who say that they are looking for accountability, but are really here to masturbate to sexy messages, to cause people in recovery from porn and unwanted compulsive behavior to slip up.

    Some people really get off on trying to cause porn addicts/people trying to quit camming or online sexting / RP to relapse.

    Report messages that are unsolicited attempts to sext that make you uncomfortable. Try to report the entire string of messages so that mods can see the context. We don't care if users choose to sext or whatever that you're private life, so long as it is mutually desired (consensual), but if one user gets multiple reports for attempting to solicit people into sexual behavior out of nowhere, that's a good sign that they should be suspended or banned.

    Especially be concerned if they ask to communicate with you outside of the site, such as email, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It is very likely a spammer or at worst, somebody looking to screw with you somehow by getting your real-world identity.
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    cc: @HopefulChristian
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    That's so gross people would do that
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    smh, like someone giving away alcohol for you white chip (AA for 1 day sober)!
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  6. thanks for the reminder, good to know cause
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  7. It's sad to think that people actually do things like that. :(
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    its a good reminder of what we can become if we continue down the dark path of PMO addiction.
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    Thanks for the info. This is not a safe place, too many kinds of people, so don't say your info, your everything out.
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    Yes, this is great info. On my second day here, someone asked to be my AP. He also asked if we could chat on SnapChat. I am glad I did not accept the invitation. It very well could have been a scammer.
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  13. Had random message today from someone looking for this. It's kinda messed up for someone to be on a site dedicated to people getting better and pulling crap like this. I learn something new about this world every day.
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    I came accross some trolls here too
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    so what if i asked if there is a whatsapp support group, should people beware of such a question
    and what if someone asked my location, should i beware of that?
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    If you feel comfortable giving your phone number try it, why not, when it feels right. You can always leave the group.
    Or join a group using an app where no phone number is needed like Telegram. Or you open a group.

    Location? When you live in a big city like NYC, LA ... why not say. Or say in the ... area. Or the State you‘re in. I wouldn‘t give my complete address.(Unless I really really really have an idea of who is on the other side).
    I need to be super careful as I tend to be very gullible.

    Always be aware, not paranoid, just aware. Give away what you would still feel comfortable with having given in a year‘s time when things turned out not so well.
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    Please, help me out.. i cant use this app much.. and everyday.. i want a person to whom i should be accountable.. i really want to leave this. plz if any1 can hlp me of age 24-25(this is bcoz same age person wil have bettr undrstanding) help me out.. i wil not disturb u much..
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    so in what can we help u buddy? and why can't u use this app everyday?
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  19. Good read
    Anyone that gets off on ruining someone's streak is sick
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