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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Alexander, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Alexander

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    I've noticed many threads in New to NoFap have gone unanswered.

    Click here to welcome the new people to the community. Not only does it help them, you'll feel good about it, have somewhere productive to put your time and energy, and re-enforce your porn addiction and rebooting knowledge.

    Let them know that they are heard. That rebooting is possible. That porn addiction can be reversed. And that you're there for them. You might want to direct them to our resources, such as the Getting Started guide, Porn Addiction 101 page, Rebooting 101 page, or the Groups to find peers like them. You might want to encourage them to start a rebooting journal or to share more information about themselves and their sexual health goals.

    Ideally, we can have zero posts without responses.

  2. BeastMode24x7

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  3. D . J .

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    Many new member posts went unanswered when I went on a 3-week NoFap holiday. Until then, I greeted just about all of them.

    I'm back now...

    There are a few of us who greet newcomers but it would be great to have several others help has well.
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  4. Leo3000

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    D.J. does a fantastic job of welcoming new comers, but I like the idea of a group effort as well.

    Glad you got some time away--11K posts later I'm sure you deserved it.
  5. never fap

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    I would like to join the NoFap's official challenge for 1 month. How to do that? Can u plz guide me?
  6. Would it be an idea to put the links like the getting started guide on the forum bar?

    This way post like: How do I... can be answered immediately.

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  7. Alexander

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    Interesting idea. My main issue with it, is that it isn't relevant to all users, including the many who have already read it before. I think that it is pretty well advertised. Maybe we should create a new post in the New User section to encourage people to learn the basics.
  8. Mevhare

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    Yo....i advice for each NoFapsrtrounant to look out for each oda....Many posts that people post go unanswered. Many peeps may need an answer to something that could either damage their life or fix it. If they dont have the answer, they can honestly reply nd tell em they aint got. Its quite frustrating when no one replies to someone's threads. We shuld look up to each oda cos that's the purpose of this forum
  9. D . J .

    D . J . Fapstronaut

    Unfortunately there are far too few of us greeting new members. There are more than than there once were yet not enough to greet the great numbers who continue to join this site daily.
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  10. Baby Buddha

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    I'm still new, but I will try my best.
  11. Alex Clear

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  12. Alex Clear

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    Very good point. Thank you for reminding us.
  13. EL.B

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    This problem has given me something to muse over from my own experience here so far.

    Personally, I didn't care if i got a response from the "i'm new" thread... but I did care a lot about getting engagement when I created a journal as this is such a bigger deal. Given this is how I feel, i now make an effort to welcome new 'journalers' to the 40+ group because I know how important it was for me. Also, these are people who i'm likely to be interacting with and also have much more common ground due to age.

    I mention this to provoke thought on the site strategy here; some considerations that come to mind:
    • Where is the most value, and are the current expectations / hopes realistic, given the success of this site?
    • Are we short of people to do the welcoming?
      • Does the site support the creation of a formal 'role' where we can create a group of 'welcomers' ('hosts')?
    • What motivates people to do the welcoming?
    • Can we get it to happen organically (naturally) rather than 'mechanically'?
      • It is tedious to do the same thing over and over, may responses appear mechanical?
    Personally, I wouldn't sign up for welcoming everyone - i'd find this too draining! I would sign-up for welcoming 40+ people in the the journal section.
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  14. Saying hi to fill the 2 post criteria if that's okay. I've been here before but I made a new account.
  15. Best of luck to everyone and may you keep up the discipline to achieve your goals.
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  16. Hello, I'm new here! I hope it works for me, as well! I'm wishing the best to all of us!
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  17. D . J .

    D . J . Fapstronaut

    Someone has suggested having a moderator and a team of members who's purpose is to greet the exponentially increasing number of members.

    Just a thought.
  18. khills

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    I am new here me
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