Reminder: You are entitled to nothing

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Alexander, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Just read this and i must admit i am guilty of this as well. Thank for for pointing it out.
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    It's true vitality to have compassion for people who are truly sickened by obviously truly wretched people who are truly out of control and out of their mind.


    I AM SOO glad you brought this up and that YOU were glad too first and because of your hilarious comment!

    I need an accountability partner and I need to be one too. I have many features and benefits to offer between 3:00 - 3:01 am & 4:19 pm until 5:15 to 7:48 pm ish and listening with positive or negative acknowledgements which will be placed in time appropriately according to my partners pace in monotone single-syllabic mumble occasional glottal stop punctuation ONLY. don't get all ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?! on me. Between 9:15 am till 11:45 am and from 7:pm to 3:01 am. No time constraints offered. No limits. At all! Don't ask. I mean it. I don't wanna hear that, " I'm taking all your time hat guitar player excuse to try to interpret my run on sentences don't need a point even if you do. Points available upon request.

    This profile snap was plagiarized in broad daylight

    Misty Eyed Mad Alive hypnosis theory, edgy real edgy, the devil burst in the door gorilla as you please. You could see that for the formidable horror of one aspect of the appearance and proud could not match the expectation of something which his late recognition very different their two offspring which were born in this same moment and they were backing away and out and slowly and as without knowledge anymore
    fuckun hilarious, but horrible

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    No you

    God, said you're flirting with death
    and I said

    No touch it! I dare You!
    ....if you're not chicken
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  6. [QUOTE = "barmantag، post: 1847269، member: 237636"] إذا كان أي شخص يبحث عن شريك للمساءلة بنسبة 100٪ ، فأنا على استعداد لبذل الجهد إذا تمكنت من الحصول على دعم مساوٍ. مجرد رسالة خاصة لي من فضلك ، ويمكننا أن نخطط لطريقة لتكون متبادلة الدعم. [/ QUOTE]
    I accept that
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    We need to get rid of the unrealistic expectations.
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    41 year old Christian Bale looking for accountability partner. Well consider any one house mail for stop
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    Anyone, please consider me a 41 year old male who is married with two children as an accountability partner. Will try to be there for you in a similar way as well. I am rebooting after an ok month. Striving to do better.
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