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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by takezawa2, Feb 10, 2021.

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    What are your replacement habits from watching P*rn and M/O? I know a lot of people say things like reading, working out, journaling, but realistically PMO is gives the sensation of a heavy drug and simple activities like reading are not enough to ease that pain. Have any of you taken on equally questionable habits to replace that void (drinking, smoking.... or what?) Please share.
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    well your job or career can be something to be a replacement. try to find something u enjoy for work and stack money doing it. like u said working outs a great one. build a daily workout routine and stick to it. u wont regret it.
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  3. 2048 is my guardian angel at this point
  4. BeezMeUp

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    A little bit Junk food and coffee.
  5. PMO addiction makes a strong and difficult addiction pattern in your brain, your dopamine receptors are damaged and usual activities won't sometimes feel good because you're rebooting

    In fact, in my own experience reboot is most of the time feeling like shit. The key to beating your addiction is discipline, and being easy on yourself. You don't have to read a book, you can jump rope or go out for running, or cook. Basically, even though sometimes or most of the times if you don't feel like doing it you still do it either way.

    As time keeps going on and your brain slowly recovers the reward receptors you're going to feel more content with the new habits you developed eventually. You don't replace a negative habit with another negative habit, the essence of reboot is discomfort if you manage to maneuver through it you have a high rate for success
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    What do you mean?
  7. For me it's solving problems. Things like hard crossword puzzles, strategy games, learning about the stock market, figuring out my telescope, watching math/science lectures on youtube, and yes reading (mysteries or serious non-fiction). I guess there's something about the mental challenges that is compelling enough to keep me interested. (I wish I could replace porn with whisky but that only seems to lead to worse problems!)
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    Yes, the problem is PMO is a drug, hard to give up. Everything and anything positive is a way to take your attention away from porn. In the end, though, (just my opinion and only that) the strength to abstain has to come from within. Diversions can help, but facing down the drug can require a huge commitment to believing you can make your own best choices about your behavior, wherever the moment finds you. You’ve got your day counter, so I know you’re in the game, keeping score.

    Best wishes.
  9. Dudewiththeproblem

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    Nothing really replaces it but staying away from it makes other things more enjoyable so that is the motivation for me.
    I feel better than in along time thanks to nofap. I did no other changes so i am 100% posetive its becouse i have stopped PMO.
    If i could PMO with no consequences i would still do it for sure but like drugs it has consequences, very bad ones in the long run.
    I will not go back, i felt terrible every day.
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    I would play video games or watch non sexual you tube. Going out on a nature walk is also good for the mind if you are able to do it at that point. Showing peace to one's self will let the urge fly away like a cloud in a breeze.
  11. ThePeakWae

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    been playing pokemon unbound like crazy the good news is that unlike MTG arena I'm not fapping.
  12. fredisthebes

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    It's really personal, the reason people do it and the reason people can't stop. You need to take a brutally honest look at yourself and work out what the reason is for you.
    It almost always isnt because you are super horny and oversexed. If you were, you wouldnt need the extreme stimulous of porn.

    More likely triggers include:
    Boredom - make sure you are never bored
    Overtired - work on your sleep patterns and diet
    Depressed - focus on mental health
    Lonely - work on improving your social life, develop coping strategies for when you are alone

    And what do you get out of PMO? Pleasure, stress relief, fulfilment, a feeling of connection? Work out healthy ways of getting the same.
    Meditate for stress relief
    A good workout for fulfillment and pleasure
    Learn how to cook an amazing meal and enjoy eating it slowly and with pleasure
    Or simply enjoy the increased focus and energy that starts to come with only a few days clean

    Distraction may be your best weapon at first, and that's fine.
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