Replacing PMO with healthy things vs unhealthy things?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by skaterdrew, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. skaterdrew

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    Is it really important to replace PMO with healthy things rather than unhealthy things?

    When I say unhealthy things I mean things like alcohol, drugs, junk food, video games ext. Where as healthy things would be more things like exercise, just doing healthy activities that you like, spending time with friends and family in healthy ways ext.

    I am also battling another addiction, alcohol. My alcohol usage actually got worse since I tried to stop PMO. But the thing is drinking alcohol while trying to stop PMO was completely counterproductive. Drinking heavy amounts of alcohol made me feel like shit, and we all know what we end up doing when we feel like shit. So yeah alcohol was actually causing me to return to PMO. I am wondering if this would be the same case with all unhealthy activities, just basically anything that can make you feel shit could be dangerous for PMO relapse? Is this why replacing PMO completely with healthy activities that make you feel good in healthy ways is the best approach?
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    Hey skaterdrew,

    There is an approach in personnal development : our wellbeing is sectored in 5 themes (physical, psychological, emotional, realional and spiritual).

    PMO and all addictions are a burden for those 5 aspects.

    Giving up helps us mainly on the physical part, at first.

    In order to reequilibrate the other aspects, it seems important to create good habits ;)

    I hope I answered to your question :)

    Stay brave bro
  3. LilD

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    Unhealthy habits and addictions always go hand in hand for me. Doing healthy things help, of course, but it's not a complete solution. Well, depends on what I mean by "healthy things". More social life is one of the things which help most. Exercise is mostly a distraction, I don't always feel better just because I did a workout. (Sometimes I do, but it's unreliable.)
  4. I find the healthy stuff (like keeping my house clean and lifting weights) gives me a satisfaction better than drugs. Up until yesterday I smoked weed at least 2 times a day, so I'm not going to smoke it as often, and by that I mean like now I'll smoke it 2-3 times a week, unless of course I'm out suntanning at the local river.

    My suggestion would be to concentrate all your energy on your household. Start by making the bed every morning you awaken. Then clean up the house and keep the house entirely clean. brush your teeth a few extra times a day.

    The gratification you get from healthy things is better than pounding back liquor or blazing up.

    Easily would suggest doing healthy things to avoid doing PMO.

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