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Report on 98 days noPMO and currently 129 days noPM. Superpowers preserved! All damages curred!(28y)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by purplebat14, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    Hi all, here is my report on 98 days noPMO and 127 days noPM!
    (I will correct mistakes of grammar the next days)

    Previous story:
    Currently I am a 28 years old, that may be important to assess my resulsts.
    I started watching porn relatively late, because my parents thought childhood without electronic is better. Therefore I started wathcing porn at the age of 18, but over the years it got worse and worse.
    Especially because I wanted to train myself to last longer with sex, the sessions got longer and longer. At first I only watched porn a few times a week, but then it got more and more. Often it was a few weeks less, but then I got stuck again for many hours and nights. Especially when I had time off and nothing else to do.

    realized problems:

    So from 2017 I noticed that it can't be healthy to spend so much time watching porn.
    I mainly started watching porn, although I had other sigificantly important things to do and I used porn to numb emotional pain. Also, I was cramped and compulsively jerking off, which is a bit hard to describe, but it was definitely not healthy.
    I have also have a problem with internet addiction for a long time, it affects me similar to porn addiction I think.
    I used to play the night away more often and then went to work completely exhausted with 2 hours sleep and I regularly sat at the computer all day long, e.g. with YouTube, movies and then always watch porn in between. I often went to bed many hours late and was destroyed the next day and then it was a vicious circle.
    At some point I also realized that PMO is doing long-term damage and changes have occurred:
    • I watched porn and jerked off obsessively, but it wasn't fun at all.
    • As soon as something excited me, I had the urge to come right away. Not the feeling to get an orgasm right away, but a very uncomfortable feeling with the urge to jerk off.
    • The PC muscle training also gave me an extremely cramped pelvic floor and I couldn't even relax my pelvic floor during sex.
    • I did not have PIED, but rather an increased libido. I got an erection with every little thing, but it went away immediately. That was also impractical during sex. In combination with the fact that jerking off was totally compulsive and no longer fun, it was really extremely unpleasant.
    • After an orgasm I had no feeling of satisfaction at all. I continued immediately and then many times in a row. Sometimes I jerked off even though I couldn't get an erection anymore because I couldn't stop.
    By the way, I also often didn't have sex for a longer period of time and then it went downhill. Finally, on a weekend off without any other plans, I often spent the whole day on the Internet watching porn. Since 2019, I've also had headaches after PMO from the cramped sitting posture, but of course I kept going anyway.
    I have been able to stop watching porn since 2018, sometimes noPM and sometimes longer noPMO. With a lot of stress I managed to get everything done, but in the semester break I often crashed again. At the end of 2019 I registered here in the forum. I managed a few times to go about 30 days, my record in November 2019 was 39 days. I already had the feeling that my social skills had improved extremely. But I was extremely horny the whole time and could often not concentrate well. I had problems with my knees from 2019 until mid 2020 and I couldn't run anymore. In fitness I also couldn't really strain myself because I always got extreme muscle ache with fatigue after training, even at low load. That pulled me down extremely and I couldn't do anything about the urges. I was running around with a permanent stand, which was kind of stupid and I was unable to concentrate on studying.

    The March 2020 lockdown hit me hard again and I started doing heavy PMO again. I first started with photos and, but then it quickly went back to the old patterns. I live alone in a very small room, which is also extremely hard in lockdown. After the exams were over, I should have been doing work for my thesis, but the deadlines were so far away that I was able to put that off. In July, I spent 2-3 weeks sitting at the PC almost all day and watched 5-7 hours of porn every day. Then I realized that it can not go on like this. At the last few days of the bad weeks I started to to heavy sports again and have only done an hour of pmo a day each with only one orgasm.
    Fortunately, since the beginning of March 2020, I have started to exercise very regularly 3-4 times a week, followed by 20 minutes of yoga stretching each time. This allowed me to really push myself in sports again and that then also helped to defeat the Urges. Untrained, the effect of sport against the Urges is much weaker for me, so it pays to get fit overall.
    I think that was a key to success. I still did PMO, but I didn't feel like I was letting myself go completely anymore. I also understood that I was using PMO to numb the body and suppress feelings and emotional pain. The realization of this was very helpful to me as I was able to decide that I didn't want that anymore. I came back to the forum and first set firm rules for my recovery. My rule was that jerking off is allowed when I am extremely excited and agitated to get clear also to not watch porn again. The clear rule was important for me because that way I could make the decision to really not watch porn anymore and I could also be sure myself that I would follow through. My biggest trigger for PMO, besides the urges, was tension and stress. I've been through some pretty intense stuff in the family and have a permanently high stress level here that I can't turn off.
    But then after doing this I felt really good and was able to decide to do noPMO. I then created the Viking Challenge to have a challenge with reasonalbe rules.
    The goal was clear from the beginning. It's about beating porn addiction in the long run and having healthy sex, but not about setting up the longest PMO streak.
    I wanted to be as rational and science-based as possible in order to beat porn addiction, especially in the long term, and learn to have healthy fulfilling sex again.
    I wanted the possibility to go to noP mode without seeing it as a failure, because that made me going back into noPMO in the past. The 90 days of noPMO ist the best way to cure all the destruction in your body, I can really confirm this now. But for me this is a tool to cure myself and not the goal.
    I also have to mention the Jedi Temple Challenge, which also helped me to keep up motivation.

    Due to the intensive sports I had relatively few urges and especially the motivation from the Challenge and the clear goals helped me to persevere. It was especially at the beginning really a amazing experience to endure certain situations and heavy Urges suddenly simply without PMO. I noticed after 2-3 weeks how the superpowers come back:
    • Interaction with other people has changed completely again. I am extremely much more self-confident and self-assured, I think of funny jokes much more often and other people react much more positively to me. In addition, my self-esteem has improved and I can look other people in the eye much more relaxed, for example, when I come to a new group.
    • The superpowers have become a bit weaker after about 40 days, but still noticeable. I feel much calmer and more content in general now.
    • I am also much more emotionally balanced and stable. I used to be completely screwed after stress in my family, PMO and be ko for days. I used to get blatant panic attacks the days after, my mind would spin and I couldn't sleep. I haven't had that at all since I stopped doing porn. Now I stay focused during the conversation and am much more relaxed afterwards and usually fit again the next day.
    • I don't give up under pressure anymore, but keep going. I've had a few tough weeks lately and have often felt really exhausted. But I kept at it and didn't let myself down.
    • With PMO I felt indifferent and didn't care about anything. Now I feel more bad again when something doesn't go well and I want to change it.
    • The PC addiction has also gotten a lot better. I still have to work on it, but I think I have the strength now to get rid of it completely.
    After about 60 to 90 days I had the feeling that I had really changed in the long run. Those changes have remained to this day, even after I had sex and switched to noPM.
    When I had sex again after 98 days, I noticed that all negative changes were gone.
    Sex is fun again, I can relax, after an orgasm I feel good again. The compulsive urge to masturbate or come is completely gone.

    Negative changes:
    I now have a problem with coming too fast, especially if I didn't have an orgasm for longer days before. Currently I am reading books on how to cure it without having very much orgasms (currently I am reading a book from Mantak Chia)

    Further strategies I used:
    • Very important was blocking the internet completely on computer and phone. (Manual for blocking the internet)
    • Ice sitting bath against urges (cold showers are very good to, but the bath concentrated the codl to where we need it and you can easy cool it down.
    • In the Challenge I described some of the tips that helped me.
    I am currently doing a few other things, so that may have helped:
    • I check off a list of goals every day. I try to establish positive habits with it.
    • I eat significantly less sugar and fast food
    • I drink very little caffeine, currently no caffeine at all.
    • Intermittent fasting, with Bulletproof coffee in the morning (but not quite as strict, with friends I eat at all hours)
    • I have been extremely regular in following through with exercise
    • At least 4 times a week, especially after sports about 30 minutes stretching in yoga mode
    • I do meditation and autogenic training more or less regularly. After a shoulder injury I couldn't meditate for a long time because the pull on the arm in meditation posture was very strong. That set me back quite a bit and I realized that meditation is really crucial. I do a breathing meditation with full yoga breathing and combine certain formulas from autogenic training.
    • I got myself an optimized saddle when I was riding my bike in the beginning so I wouldn't stimulate prostate.
    • And a few other things, I'll add to this post again in the coming weeks.
    The 98 days of noPMO really reset my body to the way it was before porn use. Everything feels like it used to. The state has definitely lasted now even with sex. Maybe I will allow jerking off again on a controlled schedule to train with start-stop method, I will also report here if the changes persist.

    I also continue posting in the Viking Challenge, you are welcome to join the brotherhood:
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2020
  2. Good Job brother, this will help a lot of friends to move and make a difference.
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  3. blackpanther81

    blackpanther81 Fapstronaut

    Amazing story. I hope I can follow your example on day :)
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  4. We have a lot of similarities
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  5. Anti-Hero

    Anti-Hero Fapstronaut

    Nicely done! Keep going.
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  6. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    I hope so :)
  7. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    Just keep trying like me and you will make it. That's the key in the end. Throughout your way you will fix all the problems one after the other and then you will make your way out of it!
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
  8. Sergiosanz995

    Sergiosanz995 Fapstronaut

    Hello from Spain!

    I loved your story, and you're lucky you got a late start on the screen. At least you haven't had cases as extreme as mine, thank your family for not allowing you so much screen time. Well, in my case, I was from the age of 7 to handle the computer and from the age of 11 with pornography. 14 years with me with this shit! Reading several stories like yours, helps me motivate myself and continue my fight against addiction. The gym is a source of health that helps you overcome problems, you just forget about them.

    A hug and be brave!

    PS: If you want to motivate others, be an example.

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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  9. MrBlue201

    MrBlue201 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Awesome story man! But what was shocking for me to read was what you said at the end. Why would you *ever* consider going back? I think it would be a bad choice, when instead you can try to live a long life and see your grandchildren.

    Also, I thought bulletproof coffee had caffeine? Was it a typo? or if not, how do you drink coffee and also go cafeine free? :)

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    I am drinking bulteproof coffee with a mixture of decaffeinated, carob powder and grain coffee. I also add lots of cinnamon, cardamom and currently even vanilla. Vanilla is quite expensive, but I save lots of menoy be not going out for eating currently.

    I corrected some mistakes, I guess "typo" was among those. I wrote a word wrong, but cannot remember which it was now. You can find is in the text corrected now.

    On the last matter I wrote in the challenge:
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  11. MrBlue201

    MrBlue201 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    oh no problem!!! I just did not know of coffee with low caffeine
  12. Sergiosanz995

    Sergiosanz995 Fapstronaut

    I see a lot of talk around here about caffeine. Why should we stop drinking caffeine? Caffeine doesn't affect me, but I have no problem drinking decaffeinated coffees. Do you recommend drinking decaffeinated coffees?
  13. purplebat14

    purplebat14 Fapstronaut

    Caffeine has a very strong effect for me. If I drink only one cup I get completely euphoric and upset.
    I use it only before sport.
    But normal people can drink as much caffeine as they want.
    There is no reason to abstain from it, if you don't get problems from it!
    I only wanted to report what I did, because some of you may have similar vulnerabilities.
    But this was not meant as a general recommandation to others!
  14. Sergiosanz995

    Sergiosanz995 Fapstronaut

    Ah, okay. I understand you, because how lucky you are that caffeine has an effect, it doesn't affect me at all. I used to work as a caretaker in a nursing home, when it was my turn at night, I drank so much caffeine that nothing worked for me. Sleep took over, now I don't work anymore.

    Cheer up!
  15. Chibuikeagu

    Chibuikeagu Fapstronaut

    Mantak chia has lots of books, which one are u reading
  16. Nice to see that u had some success on this journey. Any new updates? How are u handling the quarantine ?

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