Resident Evil 2 Remake

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  1. Is anybody here playing it too? What a good game omg. Better than what i've expected. The horror atmosphere, the gore, the survival aspect and the soundtrack, all amazing. Specially using the original sounds and soundtrack.
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    Ehhh, I fucking wish this game was on Switch. I'll get a ps4 used eventually for tlou2 and death stranding, and once I've got that I'll look into RE2. But hopefully by then, a Switch port has been confirmed.

    In the meantime, I redownloaded Resident Evil 1 and 2 (ps1 versions) on my Vita and started playing them for the first time. I'm determined to get passed the shitty controls. Thankfully I learned about the Type C control config option, which is available in the psn versions of RE1 and 2. It makes the games much easier to control than the shit tank controls. Still kind of annoying, but a huge improvement over than tank ones. I'm going through RE1 first, and have gotten much further than I ever could before, but RE2 is the one I really wanna get into.
  3. They also made a remake of re1 but with fixed cameras like the original. Also great, sometimes i play the ones from ps1 on my psp. I'm also looking forward to play Death Stranding, i'm a huge Metal Gear Solid let's hope Kojima can bring us a really good experience with his new title.

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