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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Theotherstreet, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Theotherstreet

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    Does anyone know of some good resources for breaking internet addiction?

    I've just started a streak, and I've found the advice on this platform really helpful so far. That being said, I feel like one of the underlying issues causing my addiction to porn is just general overuse of the internet. I come home from school and end up spending several hours on YouTube, which kind of puts me in couch potato mode, and then the urge to watch porn tends to come.

    Sorry if someone has already brought this up. I'm new here, so I probably didn't see it.
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    Unfortunately there's the catch 22 that you would access the information on the internet itself. I found one website that looks like it was made in the 90s or something for a 12 Step group. Beyond that I have had to read up on technologists and media theorists that address the issue, two short books are Program Or Be Programmed by Douglas Rushkoff, and Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Account Right Now by Jaron Lanier.
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    Here are a couple of quotes from Program or Be Programmed:

    But it's of course the opposite now, everyone can connect easily and "intuitively" with their phone.

    And what about continuous time are we concerned with here? A STREAK. This is just one reason general internet/digital media addiction deserves our attention, though it is the most fundamental and basic one to start with. "Some say I have ADD but-- oh squirrel!"
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    And to preface the quote from the other book, BUMMER stands for Behaviors of Users Modified and Made into Empires for Rent:

    First paragraph of Wikipedia entry on Lanier:

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    [QUOTE = "Theotherstreet, post: 2367289, member: 373473"] ¿Alguien sabe de algunos buenos recursos para romper la adicción a Internet?

    Acabo de comenzar una racha, y he encontrado los consejos sobre esta plataforma realmente útiles hasta ahora. Dicho esto, siento que uno de los problemas subyacentes que causan mi adicción a la pornografía es simplemente el uso excesivo de Internet. Llego a casa de la escuela y termino pasando varias horas en YouTube, lo que me pone en el modo de teleadicto, y luego viene la necesidad de ver porno.

    Lo siento si alguien ya ha mencionado esto. Soy nuevo aquí, así que probablemente no lo vi. [/ QUOTE]

    Yo la verdad cree cuentas falsas de correos y dejaba en la nube varios documentos de word (bloqueados con claves) cada documento tenía una contraseña para desbloquear otro archivo o correo (como una encriptada) y así si quiero entrar me toca buscar entre todo eso y me ha servido voy por 50 días sin pmo
  6. The NoSurf subreddit.
    The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High Tech World.
    The Shallows: What The Internet is Doing to Our Brain.
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    I'm not sure whether you are keen on books but try reading Power Over Pornography and Treating Pornography Addiction. They are good books and the knowledge in them overlaps.
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    Get in to habit of thinking about what you are doing.
    Ask yourself a question - is what I am doing now useful? Should I be doing something else?
    This forces you to take responsibility for your actions constantly.

    In general - developing self control takes time, it is a skill and you should get books, and constantly work on improving the skill.
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    This just in:

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    Wow. Thank you for all the responses. I will take a look at all of these.
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    I use a combination of three things:

    First, I have an android phone, android tablet and a PC with windows 10.

    So I installed in my android devices the Microsoft Launcher, Edge web browser, outlook for mail and calendar. The ZenScreen app. The Google family link for child's.

    I'm my Google account and outlook accounts I change my age to 15 yo, I'm 24 right know.

    I logged my two accounts in my android devices.

    I created two accounts, one in gmail and one in outlook. I used the family options to make this accounts be "the parents" of my personal accounts. So I configure how much time I can spend in all my devices, PC included, how much time I can use apps and programs, the content I set it for an 12 to child, etc. When you configure the time screen, your PC will automatically get blocked when the time is wasted. And the programs and apps automatically shut down when you reach your maximum amount of time.

    With Zenscreen app you need another phone to be "the parent", it let you configure the Entertainment time, so after that time is wasted you can no more use the entertainment apps, and just the academic apps.

    In conclusion:
    Outlook with family options.
    Google family link.

    And is no excuse of android, iPhone, PC, iMac, because these three things work well in all systems.

    I recommend:
    If you're going to use these options, look for someone of your trust who can manage the "parent" accounts, because if you lock the door, but you keep the key, well, is not gonna work. I told this by experience :v

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