Respect, do you feel the same

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    Its been appx 2 weeks abstaining from PMO. I feel respect towards me and orhers, this is very different feeling. When doing PMO there is just guilt and regret. For past 2 weeks I have been taking care of me and providing myself with things I like except PMO. I know 2 weeks is not that much.
    Before that I used to be very rude like talking anything in front of people. My friend used to say he or she might listen don't talk about him or her. I used to say let them listen I don't care I am speaking truth. But now I feel more emotions and don't like to hurt anyone.
    Porn made my mind numb. Now I focus more on people's feeling their sadness and happiness. What kind of feeling is this. It's hard to explain.

    Anyone who has done 90+ days of nofap, how it effects you mentally and emotionally.
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