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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RamboErecto, Jun 18, 2020.

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    So Im quite close to an entire week and today I had an horrible day.

    I woke up with my penis in flames and was thinking about an hour and a half in masturbation and certain punctual images/remembers about girls and videos that I know.

    I cant even leave the bed. After that, I were 2 hours playing videogames in order to take out the hotness and toughts, they werent out, so I had to go out and run.

    It were almost 6 hours of just thinking about that girls and masturbation needs, then now Im ok but im still in urges, this will be forever?

    This sucks, please help.
  2. Gambler Kaiji

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    No this won’t last forever.
    If you meant physically your parts were on fire or burning you may want to get that checked out. But urges and constant arousal from memories and past acts early on, yeah that’s common place and subsides the longer you go on.
    It’s great that you’re doing other activities to manage but eventually you’ll have to grow to love the struggle. To be still and ride the wave for what it is and not give in at all. If you can do that, you’ll never fall or falter from anything other than from your own will , for you will be the one in control.
    It’ll take time & I can’t give concrete numbers because everyone’s different. But it does get better, those thoughts do go away, and you can fully accept urges for what they are and not feed into them. You just have to keep going to see it for yourself.
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    Do weightlifting, even if it's only with a bag filled with books. Or talking about books, read them.

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