Retake: Take 3

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Generous Forest, Dec 24, 2015.

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    S'up guys, this is day one for me--again.

    I got into porn when I was 11 after discovering masturbation on my own one day and wondering what the hell happened. After a few google searches, it didn't take long to stumble upon some explicit images that peeked my interest and ultimately took me down a path I didn't know at the time wouldn't be so awesome.

    2 years later, I wised up after getting some help and had things clean clear and under control. For 3 years at least.

    So, when I was 16, after trying to help a friend out of my same situation, my friend's problems started spilling over onto me and I slipped back into the old habit. Only I promised myself I was going to keep it simple: no porn, just masturbate.

    Things were going good for a few months, and I ended up stopping. But the urges stayed and turned into excessive wet dreams.

    Now I've given into the urges and can't stop. I haven't done porn yet, though I have been extremely close. I'm afraid that I might slip in that area again, and this time I'm not sure I could come back. Hell, I can't even stop just masturbating why would I stop if I had more incentive like porn not to? I still fantasize a lot. But ultimately, I wan to stop all of it and get back to being who I was before. Glob, I miss that me.
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    That you is still you. Even though you feel off-track, you are still there, feeling what is wrong. You have done this, and you can do it again. Don't lose faith in yourself and your will.

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