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  1. Pelo

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    Hi everyone, I have a question: is semen a factor in the muscle growth ? In that case how it influences it ?

    I need and answer cause I'm praticing street workout for more than 2 years and I finally found my perfect way of training a month ago, but still no progress and during this 2 years I only gain 4 to 5 Kg of pure muscle (without fat), I've got real difficulty to gain arm, chest and back however I think I've a good nutrition and a good balance between my training day and rest day. So I'm thinking about maybe a trouble due to PMO.
  2. I personally believe it does effect it but there’s no way to say for sure so I can’t definitively tell you that it does with no proof.
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  3. 5adn8m8

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    Semen retention has a eemarkable impact on muscle growth. That is both a personal and experimental experience.
    Search semen retention and read the article in
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  4. Bretto

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    5kg of lean muscle over that time is actually pretty good. If it’s from street workouts it’s probably dense af and more likely to stay around for a longer time than if you just went to the gym and ate every supp under the sun
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  5. I think when we ejaculate a lot we “dry” ourselves out, which withers our body. So maybe? I feel like a lot of ejacultion can be taxing to the body. The fact that POIS is a thing, is proof that ejaculation in excess can harm ththe body.
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  6. tet2vd

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    what is street workouts if you don't mind me asking? like what kind of exercises are you doing?
  7. Davidphd1866

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    I agree with others.....your progress is quite good.

    Not proven, but I certainly feel that retention would allow you to do even better.

    Part of the reason my current streak is going well is because I have been quite busy--so much so that I have hardly worked out at all this past month. Yet, I am amazed, I got a little leaner (lower fat %) and lost a little weight. I was stunned to measure it as I expected to have gone in the other direction.
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  8. Fenston999

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    Also they absorb nutrients in a very refined way. Everytime you ejaculate you spit all that nutrients out and restart the cycle of absorbing more nutrients for semen.
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  9. Clarke

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    The only way to build muscle is to eat at a caloric surpluss and train hard. Supplements and semen retention might have a small effect, but you'd only notice it at the elite level. Someone in their first year of training can expect to put on 30 pounds of lean mass if they're eating right.
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  10. Elcamino

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    you probably just need to eat more
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  11. More Jing

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    as someone who has trained for decades im 58 and still at it thankfully my take on it is this bearing in mind I did a lot of semen sex energy transmutation and chi kung for periods of time while I also weight trained. Apart from ejaculating the morning of a workout I dont think it makes a difference. What a lot of young guys dont seem to realise and no disrespect meant here without steroids no one is ever going to look like those youtube channel gurus. They may end up with a bit of luck a more buff version of themselves but it wont be a massive change. Just my 2p
  12. Retentionman

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    Well, it's full of nutrients, every organ works and pays its due to make semen, it's like the best of the best. If you could reabsorb it to your body it would also affect your muscles indeed, your whole body and health
  13. CBAWSS

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    What are your goals exactly...more muscle mass? More definition? Better stamina / strength / conditioning?

    For me personally, I've found NoFap to be excellent with my strength training gains....I'm on day 17 right now, longest I've gone in a while...just maxed out deadlifting 405 lbs (1 rep) and floor pressed 315 for a total of 20 reps (first two sets 5 reps, last one 10).

    That being said I have been lifting for two years. And I have a lot of pent up rage lol...But never got further than a 370 lbs deadlift in my pre-NoFap days. Interested to hear your response friend!
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  14. gagate

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    Yes it gives you more strength so you can lift more and testosterone levels go up

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