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Retention: Is the 18-Month Mark Significant?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Rev2.0, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Rev2.0

    Rev2.0 Fapstronaut

    I've read that for guys who have decades of PMO damage to undo (which is me), and go on semen retention as part of recovery, that gains are slow to come until 18 months and then things start to unlock. Can anyone here confirm or deny? By "gains" meaning, noticeable improvements in physique from working out, less social anxiety, more appeal to / attention from women, more frequent / stronger erections, attracting better / more beautiful people and situations into your life, etc.

    FWIW I'm into my 15th month now. I have seen some progress in all of the above but it's not like the floodgates have really opened in any of them. Maybe it doesn't work that way? What I can say is I never thought I could even make it this long and while the situation wasn't completely by my choice and won't be resolved any time soon, the prospect of another 3 months or more doesn't fill me with depression like it would have a year ago. I've started to realize if I don't bust once or twice a week I won't die and while what I'm doing is rare, I no longer feel like a freak for doing it. So there's that.

    Cheers all.
  2. Kieran2121

    Kieran2121 Fapstronaut

    Hello there, congratulations to your progress. When you are speaking about 15 months of abstinence, is it one single streak without relapse?
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  3. Rev2.0

    Rev2.0 Fapstronaut

    Yes. Last ejaculation was mid January 2021. And no wet dreams in that time either.
  4. Be the exception

    Be the exception Fapstronaut

    I’ve never reached 18 months, but I will say this. Everyone is different. We are all operating from different levels health. When you stop pmoing, you’re simply removing something that was damaging you. That’s where all the “benefits” come from. Your nerves are no longer getting scorched by adrenaline pumping through your veins from the high of sexual stimulation. This means the nerves can now start to heal. Which means less anxiety. Which means your brain can heal and function better. Your adrenal glands can recover. Your hormones can rebalance. You can sleep easier and have higher quality sleeps.. which means more healing. The precious zinc stores you’re now saving rather than emptying, can now being to strengthen your immune system, grow your hair, clear up your skin. Maybe you’re now becoming disciplined in other aspects of your life, eating healthier, exercising. All of this happens as you retain. But you are still much different then the next guy. You both started out with different levels of damage, you both have different stress levels, diets, lifestyles etc. So I don’t think it’s realistic to point to x amount of time for x breakthrough or x benefit. We’re all on our own time line. One thing is for certain though, the longer you continue, the more good things will come your way.
  5. Kieran2121

    Kieran2121 Fapstronaut

    That is remarkable achiement, congratulation once again. I will tell you this. I'm also one of those guys who will have to face longer recovery and longer withdrawals. I stopped hurting myself further about two years ago. I've never made it as far as you have though, at least not yet :) My longest streak was slightly over 4 months. After 26 years of this decadent addiction and first couple of streaks I understood that to fix myself and to reboot myself back to the default setting will be much longer journey than I originally expected but I guess this is price to pay after quarter of century of these shits and I accept it. Judging by the speed of me getting better and also my continous withdrawals after 700 days on nofap adventure ( of many different streaks though) I feel now that I'll need a streak longer than one year before I come where I want to be. So my experience is similar to yours.
    I see significant improvements in all different layers of my life and my determination is growimg stronger with each passing day. But I also continue to face the withdrawals and they have their own stages, they come and go as they please, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger and sometimes being replaced for couple of days or weeks by this kind of "feeling of high" with increased wellbeing and growing passion for life.
    I see all these ups and downs as my brain being rewired and I'm at peace. Looking forward to to further unlocking more and more of my true potential.
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  6. SinguIarity

    SinguIarity New Fapstronaut

    I had read somewhere that it takes around 70 days for the body to reabsorb semen. So maybe in your case this might have happened 5-6 times. Thats very powerful :)
  7. Legacy of Lost Soul

    Legacy of Lost Soul Fapstronaut

    Great job. Do you feel free from the lust? Is it getting better? I mean the lust for a real female. I struggle with it currently. On streak since new year...

    I can relate to the feeling of being a freak. Thats why Ive ended my 200 days streak. I FELT LIKE ALIEN. After some sex I returned stronger and made 300 days without that feeling. I think one gets used to being exceptional.

    300 was my max so I cant tell u what happens further. Orgasm was absolutely devastating tho, thats for sure :/

    Ive read some old jogi texts and they say at some point, you will not be able to return to ejaculations. Not sure how long. But it would be just painful and most likely not working at all...not sure I want to get beyond that treshold, as I might want kids in the future, maybe.. info on that would be welcomed
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  8. Rev2.0

    Rev2.0 Fapstronaut

    That first question is really interesting. "Lust" can take so many different definitions. I would say the following:

    - MANY more women appeal to me now than when I started. I literally can't go out in public without seeing at least one woman I find attractive in some way which is interesting because although I live in a college town, it's not a place known for an abundance of gorgeous women. I don't know if retaining has lowered my standards or opened my eyes... likely a little of both.

    - At the same time, I have become much more attuned to the differences in energy among women and they pretty significantly enhance (or reduce) my initial impression of them based solely on looks. I have grown much more appreciative of the average looking woman who is feminine with a kind soul while physically gorgeous women who are bitchy, bad mannered or entitled just repel me now. I literally have no time for them.

    - Because I'm married, both of the above are really irrelevant but where I've really gained ground is that a casual interchange with an attractive woman (checkout girl, coworker, bank checker, waitress, whatever), really doesn't affect me beyond that moment. If it's a bad interaction (rare) I no longer take it personally. I brush it off and go on my way. If it's good (which is increasingly more common), I don't drift off into fantasies of what if we could do this and such... I appreciate it for the few enjoyable minutes it provided and that's it.

    - Retaining has made my defenses against P and M MUCH stronger. I always thought that when I stopped P then I could get M under control but I had it backwards; as long as I was M'ing I was never going to completely kick P or even when I stayed away from hardcore there were still bikini girls, fitness models, etc.

    - Retaining is also making me much more willing to not only engage with, but when necessary confront and call out women (and men for that matter) whose behavior toward me is out of line. To be blunt, I'm becoming able and perfectly willing to be a bit of an a**hole if the person or situation requires it.

    As to your last point about eventually losing the ability to ejaculate... well I certainly hope that's not the case. Even though my situation doesn't lend to blowing loads now I would certainly like to know I could still do it if the opportunity presented itself. I've never seen that mentioned before as a potential effect of extended SR so I'll need to research that more.
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  9. Legacy of Lost Soul

    Legacy of Lost Soul Fapstronaut

    Thanks for a nice reply!! If I find that text, I will let u know.
  10. Beekind

    Beekind Fapstronaut

    . I have grown much more appreciative of the average looking woman who is feminine with a kind soul while physically gorgeous women who are bitchy, bad mannered or entitled just repel me now. I literally have no time for them.

    Same for me. Watching old movies, i now see women were much prettier and feminine than today's women.
  11. xerneas4u

    xerneas4u Fapstronaut

    I'd say so that 18 months is a long time to retain. My mind tells me all the time even 1 day is too long but it's really not a big of a problem anymore.
  12. from Questions and Answers about Celibaty (Brachmacharya) and Sexual Transformation
    Q. For people like me who have lost tremendous amount of semen by masturbation, how can there still be any hope? Is it going to be a downside path as too much of the semen has been lost?

    A. The earlier the practice of brahmacharya is taken up, the better and faster are the results. The possibility to achieve the state of kaivalya (self-realization) through a life of unbroken brahmacharya and yoga in the current birth becomes strong if such practice is started before the age of 32~34, say the scriptures as a general pointer. !!!!!!!!Beyond this age, the quality of prana in the vital fluid starts rapidly reducing and conservation and transmutation may not yield the results which accrue from starting earlier. !!!!!!!!!!
    The past is gone and beyond change. It is the present and future which are to be remodeled for maximum benefit. Hence brahmacharya should be practiced as soon as one gets to know of the same and work honestly with devotion to God. There is neither a need nor any benefit by thinking of the past. If one’s efforts are honest and sincere, God sends his blessings.

    part 50


    Hello sir,
    I was glad and thankful for your feedback for the previous question.
    Sir I have a query on my past experience.lt was just 1 year
    back where I was practising my celibacy on regular interval.I had a thinking that practising celibacy brings sucess to your life,but at the same moment I failed in a particular subject in my engg examination where my faith started collapsing there by.Even if I practise my celibacy but some times that griefs inflicts the pain.So how can I come out of it? Hope you wont mind for this.

    Hope your are doing fine. Coming to your query.
    The practice of celibacy in the right sense in thought, word and deed indeed helps man to achieve great success. Enormous energy, ability and potential are made available to the body and mind further to the practice of Brahmacharya. Now how man makes use of this power for his achievements is a proposition that depends on various factors.
    For a student to fare well in his examinations, hard work in his field of studies is of paramount importance. Brahmacharya makes available at his disposal a great deal of memory, concentration, patience, determination and intelligence. How well he actually makes use of these to practically achieve success in his examination will depend on his application of the same.
    Brahmacharya is somewhat similar to a few liters of fuel at hand. But for the fuel to be ultimately beneficial, one still has to fill it into an automobile, start the engine, drive through traffic and finally reach one's destination whereupon the fuel would have met its purpose. If a man were to just sit at home with the can of fuel before him he would not reach the destination. He needs to take the initiative to make the fuel work through the automobile.Here we are converting automobile fuel into locomotion to help us move. A Brahmachari converts his sexual energy into 'Ojas' or divine energy and makes use of it to achieve his objectives.
    As man succeeds in longer and longer periods of true celibacy in thought, word and deed, the power at his disposal also proportionately increases. While a beginner might not see much difference in his ability at the start as compared to his past, consistent and honest efforts will slowly start releasing the tremendous power and might which Brahmacharya bestows.
    As the saying goes "Patience is golden" and "Everything comes to he who waits and perseveres"
    God bless and have a nice day :) Dhananjay
  13. literally same things happened to me.

    Congratulations on 15 months, very nice. Regarding your initial question tho, no there is no guaranteed timeline to when things will get better. I remember one guy claiming he felt like he reached godmode and everything was heaven after 7 months of retaining while before that it was hell. Im past that point and that hasn't quite happened to me. Everyone's body is different. That being said, i see your age is 56? Is that true? If so, then it makes sense that its taking a lot longer to recover. I would guess that sometime in the next year, the floodgates will open for you... i hope, i dont know, but just trust the process.
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  14. yo thanks so much for this, this was so awesome to read, and motivated the heck out of me. just lovely. do you have more to share? I think i remember seeing a thread by you about the q and a. can you link it please
  15. xerneas4u

    xerneas4u Fapstronaut

    18 months is a long time without having sex. I know I reset daily with porn and masterbation but I'm getting close to day 3,000 of not having sex and that has to count towards something great.

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