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  1. Hey everyone.. I've been training for a long time ever since the start of last year and I started a personal trainer in the summer of 2018.. I've been weight lifting and doing a program that I think suites best for me. It's been working and I have felt stronger and more alert with the program. But the downside is that I'm not seeing much of muscle gains even after a year of training. Some times I really feel like throwing in the towel because the gains are never fully showing...

    If you saw a picture of me right now you would be seeing a little bulk. Half way to a shredded physique pretty much. I'm concerned that maybe it's because I masturbate or that I waste access energy? Is it my genetics that I'm not gaining muscle? Do I need to train harder rather then a 5x5 program? I'm puzzled as I'm not exactly sure anymore. I relax myself enough and do the right thing when recovering as well. I am honestly thinking about taking supplements but I really want to avoid them unless I have to since my body isn't transmuting to muscle...

    Eating almost 3,0000 cal a day, stretching, hot bath's, tea... you name it....

    Have a wonderful day everyone and keep up your streaks. :)
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    You should probably consider switching up your training program from time to time, switching exercises and rep ranges etc. I also have heard that many people find sexual retention helps in muscle growth. Try it for a little while and see what happens
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    Hi buddy,few years ago i was training too just do as much types of exercises you can.The longer duration of your training is you will see better improvements faster,if you have muscle mass right now that is good thing.I have heard that nofap can help to easier build muscles.
  4. I can guarantee you NoFap will make your muscles grow faster.
    To quote another dude doing Nofap: “Insanely fast muscle growth: I’m a skinny guy and I constantly work out but during Nofap, my muscles are growing at an ineffable speed, after three days of just working out my triceps they started coming to life, normally this takes 7-12 days but I saw results in only 3 days.”

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