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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Karegador, Dec 30, 2014.

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    I have only visited this forum once during my week in NY. The reason is obvious, I was busy with family and such. However, during that time I relapsed hard when I was alone in my parents in law's house. That relapse has led to binge porn use and binge fapping(edging though sometimes to the point where there is no stopping climax and it comes on its own). I fell out of the habit of visiting this forum when I feel weak.

    Result, I can't seem to pick myself up. I don't feel upset, been working on keeping disappointment and self loathing away. I don't want those negative feelings to cause me to continue to fap. However, fear of returning to square one, where my dick can't feel a thing is ever present and perhaps the worst feeling of all.

    I'm getting back into the practice of visiting this forum when I'm weak, looking at my counter to remind myself of the progress I'm making.

    I need to get my shit together. I am GETTING my shit together. I can and will beat this because it is a promise I have made to myself and, more importantly, my wife.

    My New Year's Resolution: I will PMO for 90 days. I WILL make it 30 days and once there I WILL make it 60 and, finally, 90. I make this vow here, so that it is not just something I'm saying to myself.
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    I believe in you! Believe in yourself and think about doing everything you can to set up barriers like no cell phone or computer in a room you would PMO.

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