ringing in the ears with a reboot...pressure?

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  1. my ears have been ringing quite a bit today. I only mo'd about 3 times in a month.
    for the environment of my body, that is not normal, to mo that infrequently. I think it actually has to do with stress, pressure, of not letting my self mo. I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE IN I WANT TO MAKE 90 DAYS THIS TIME.
  2. I believe it was pressure, the wringing in my ears all ready went away. I think I really wanted to MO so bad and I did not allow my self to do it, I put pressure on my self, so much so, it put pressure on me to much
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    When you're doing NoFap, symptoms will happen as the body and mind try to adapt to your new "you". That can make things really confusing.

    My advice:
    1. Make sure you're as healthy as you can be with your fundamentals: fitness, sleep, nutrition, relationships, and your big WHY first
    2. Record your symptoms in case you do need to go to a doctor. If you are concerned or the pain is intense, go to a doctor.
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    I have this pressure in neck, like someone is trying to strangle me, for a year so far. It also gives a feeling of swallowing food like with a barrier in throat.
    Plus noise in head.
    It is about anxiety and guilt also. Low self esteem, low energy, bad brain blood pressure.
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    How is your health now
  6. better then before.
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    Good topic guys!

    I used to fap 3-4 times a day for couple years, then boom suddenly this high pitch terrible sound appeared in my head (also floaters appeared in my eyes the same time).
    The volume was that high that I could even hear it under the shower.
    Of course it came with no sleep at all, all day tiredness and so on.
    In my case, if I don't ejaculate for 3-4 weeks I almost hear nothing of this sound. So, my tinnitus has to do something with loss of serotonin and endorphins as someone mentioned in another topic caused by fap.
    Today I'm at day 24 and feeling great.
    I don't drink coffee or energy drinks and additionally I do 200 push-ups every morning.
    I always stop my nofap journey once a girl steps into my life.
    My record was 183 days :)

    Please share your story on tinnitus.
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    Did your floaters go away?

    Did you have any other symptoms?
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