Risky 'moves' with prostitutes

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by R2DToy, May 5, 2021.

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    This might be a trigger to some people so be aware.

    When I look down the line, I went from M-ing to girls using fantasy in my youth, to M-ing on pictures, and a bunch of years later gradually to P movies.

    Anyway, at one point in my early twenties I started visiting prostitutes. It was all fine and dandy (well, maybe not) until I viewed P movies where this guy would do prostitutes without protection. I'm easily triggered by novelty, new things that can arouse me.

    And so the P movie fantasy became reality. I felt terrible after having S with this prostitute without protection. And yet moments before I was so craving for it and horny.

    Now a few years later I've had unprotected S with them a dozen times or so. I browse the ads almost every day, which I think only feeds my cravings.

    To be honest with you, lately, I'm not even going there because I want to. I'm just looking for a way to get out of this boring life. To do something extreme. But also to hope to 'feel' better because lately I went more often when I felt bad than good.

    I also noticed I go to them to create a memory, which I M to afterwards. I know I have a serious problem, but damn, my life is sooo boring and I hate my life terribly. Willpower is very 'scarse' but junkfood, videogames and prostitutes are in 'abundance'.

    I'm definitely going for the easy routes, as I've done most of my life. I'm just sick of the struggle, with my depression, anxiety and past. I don't want to fight anymore, but don't want to quit either.. I think.

    Anyway.. who else is visiting prostitutes, and has unprotected S with them, did you manage to quit? Things have spiraled out of control!
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    I would never go unprotected with them. I can't figure why would they let you, either...
    Where are you from?.
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  3. I never sought out unprotected sex with prostitutes. It happened much more frequently than I would expect that a prostitute raw dogged me of her own volition. In the heat of the moment I could never say no.

    I'm in my 18th month of retention and will never solicit the services of a sex worker ever again. I was able to quit the same way I quit alcohol: addiction took me all the way down to the end of the rabbit hole and I surrendered.
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    Heal yourself.
    It takes a bit of time.
    Your problem is anxiety.
    Do some breathwork exercises, physical exercises and meditation.
    Give yourself couple years and in due time you will be healed.

    You are seeking the thrill. The more extreme the better and if this is left untreated, you will end up in dark places doing illegal things in the persue of the thrill.
  5. Anyway.. who else is visiting prostitutes, and has unprotected S with them, did you manage to quit? Things have spiraled out of control![/QUOTE]

    Man having unprotected S with a prostitute is crazy , I can understand the feeling but WOW . Did you get your self checked out and tested? If not do so now. Remember in that industry its all about $$$$$$$ next time tell them you been down on your luck and ask to see them for FREE see what happens and you will understand what i am talking about
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    Stop this immediately! This is just feeding into the fantasies and it will keep you hooked. You need to be smarter about the parameters you set for your recovery & reboot. Especially if you know this habit is going to eventually lead you to waste your money on hookers and also put yourself at risk for a short time of pleasure. Get out while you are still healthy and don't have to deal with long term health consequences such as HIV.

    Are you aware of p-subs?

    By replaying these memories in your head you are keeping those neural networks alive and are more likely to keep engaging in those behaviours again and again. Your willpower seems sparse because you are engaged in habits that give you a cheap dopamine boost. Have you tried a dopamine detox?
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    I can't believe you will have sex with a prostitute, without a condom. You want to get aids?

    If you meet a girl you like and have unprotected sex with her, it's not fair on her. It can happen and you could find a girl. You need to get yourself checked.

    Having sex with a P will keep you in the P and M cycle. Afterwards sex, you will want to do more M unlike in a healthy relationship with a real woman
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    Hey happy man I should listen to your advice.

    OP should do it too. Go to a doctor, man.
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    Exactly, OP needs to go have it checked out and start using a condom
  10. Out of all the comments here, I've only counted two that offered any real advice, coupled with some sense of compassion.

    I haven't visited prostitutes, but along with PMO, I am addicted to hookup apps. I've used that as a means of a P-substitute - because you can exchange NSFW pictures and talk sensually with other people in your area - and then actually meet up for S. During my reboot journey I found that my mind is not necessarily always craving P, but actually the hookup apps because it can get the best of both worlds...P and S.

    I understand the struggle. And the urge to hookup seems stronger than the urge to just look at P. All I can say from my own experience is to tell yourself that the for the first few weeks, you'll have to battle hard against your mind, which will beg you to hookup with prostitutes again. But if it's anything like the hookup apps for me, the urges slowly get weaker and it'll be more manageable.

    And yes, it would be prudent to get tested for STDs. I have done that myself more than once due to my actions with these hookup apps. Fortunately, the tests all came out negative. But I plan to get tested again in a few weeks because I'm only in my 8th day of NF as I'm typing this. Which means before that I relapsed. And guess what I relapsed to? Yep. Hook up apps. So right now, my mind is tormenting me to get back on those apps. But I'm fighting through it. And I know as I get further into my streak it'll get easier.

    Hang in there, friend. Take it one day at a time. I know your struggle. I know how intense the urges are and how they can be stronger than just regular P sessions. I understand the worry of "What if these urges will never go away?" so you're tempted to just surrender and cave into them. But trust me, the urges will eventually get weaker if you don't act on them and entertain them in your mind. You just need to power through the first few weeks. Then you'll have momentum on your side. You got this. Just take it one step at a time.
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