Road to Day 13 (The Day I Always Relapse)

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Does anyone else feel they don't have the same motivation as before they started PMO?

  1. Yes!

  2. No, that's odd.

  3. For a short period of time after.

  1. Hey guys, I am approaching day 13 and 14 which mark my record for not PMOing. I would love your support to help me through until my urges stop. Typically what happens is I will be browsing Youtube and find some soft core porn and then tell myself "fuck it" I have made it this far so why not.

    If you have read some of my other posts I miss the motivation I had before PMO. I wasn't always in the best mood but I found it easier to motivate for social events and sports.

    My goal is to reach 90 days and see if I feel a change in character. I miss my old self and want to stop relying on PMO to get through my year.

    I would love any advice that has worked to thwart urges. Typically I am alone when it hits and I feel I can barely control myself until I log onto pornsite

    Please help me get through this!


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  2. Marcothebest_1995

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    I feel you mate. Day 14 has for me always marked the difference between a good attempt/streak and a failure/short streak.

    I don't want to find explication of this.

    I act very carefully furling these days.
    If you feel urges, think that you're getting a very important milestone and that it's stupid to give up now.

    Download an app that gives you a percentage on 14 days. It will refrain you seeing that bar filling up.

    Try to be as busy as possible. I am getting back into gaming, which is a good option. In those days I will stay out a lot, one point more.
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  3. Htar

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    You and I have set ourselves the same staring goal - you're about a week ahead of me though.

    Every time that i've tried to stop PMO i've fallen short a little before the 14 day mark. And that normally is just the start of lies i tell myself.

    I play games in the evening before bed to and i really have to exit my game and shut down my computer in one step at that time. heading over to any social media or youtube easily triggers the cycle of browsing around for an outlet.

    Good luck to you as you near the mark! I'm sure that the night is darkest just before the dawn. Be strong.
  4. Thank you guys so much for your support and advice. I will try to get more active and avoid triggers. Thanks.
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    Hey brother, keep your head up, try to keep yourself busy on other things, I usually relapse around the same time, so your not alone! Just keep stress low and stay busy! Good luck!
  7. Thanks man!
  8. DUDE, YOUTUBE IS THE TRIGGER! Basically you NEED to stop browsing YouTube on those days where you feel strong urges, so on day 13-15 I recommend you completely cut out YouTube, I would even cut out YouTube completely for a while until you are able to control your browsing abilities, but that is up to you.
    I hope you make it out strong, and remember, every single step taken away from PMO is a step towards a life of happiness.
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  10. Thanks guys. It is hard to avoid youtube but I will try by day 13-15. Thanks again!

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