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    After being in this NoPMO thing for two years now, its time to do journaling again.
    As the title says, its not only focussed on NoPM, its should be a more wholesome Journey.
    I am planning to write here on a Weekly Base, journaling my Efforts.
    I have some goals, that should be part of my daily routine, I guess a lot of
    Such as:
    • Get up early, Go to bed early
    • No Drugs (No Alcohol / No Smoking)
    • Structure of the Day (including Routines, Mediation etc )
    • Workout every day
    • Eat Healthy
    • NoPM
    • No more wasting of time in front of the computer
    I am already quite good at some of those, this should be partly only a reminder at this point. To focus on them on a daily base.

    I have some other Goals as well, they are not "Daily-Base-Goals". More like mid-term /long-term-Development goals.

    • Approaching Women: Women are great and right now - due to the virus - I have less contact to women. As this is a source to my current state of unhappiness, its also a part of the Solution. No more thinking about, what I "lost", Its better to think what comes in the Future. So I am Going to take Responsibility about myself and approach women. Starting with Saying "Hello" and hold eye contact for the Beginning. Because approaching is always a huge booster for adrenaline.
    • Finish University: Also due to the virus - my studies delayed a little bit. So I take Responsibility at this Point Again and promise that I will do my Studies as good as I can and finish as fast as it takes.
    • Lowering Fat & Building Muscles: Also partly because of the virus (even though it has been a Problem before - I started to increase Body Fat, at least . About 5 to 8 Kilogramms to much on my body. So again - I am taking Responsibility and promise myself to lose at least 4 Kilogramms 'til Mid / End of January.
    • Financials : I thought my Financial Organisation Skills would be better as they really are at the Moment. So I am taking responsibility Again and Promise myself to spend less money on unnecessary things, try to have an eye on my expenditure (especially checking monthly expenses) and to find a Job besides University.
    • Thats all for the moment (Expansion of Goals may follow)

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